27 August, 2010

Google Boredom....It'll Entertain You...

My Horoscope for Today...
The Moon in your sign gives you an edge, even when dealing with a cold, difficult person. You could be uncomfortable with what is coming up at the workplace. You cannot count on someone like you have in the past. 

My Response:  I deal with cold, difficult people everyday.  They can go @#$% themselves today, just like they did yesterday. 


I've been bored out of my tree this week, so much so that I Googled "boredom".  Here are some of the things I've found:

Gotta cat?  This one I have to try...

I always suspected Barney was a perv...

See - I told you I was bored.  

Anyhow...On Sunday, we're off to drop The Boy off at college. By Sunday night, I'll be a slobbering, weeping moron.  Wish me luck.

Have a great weekend everyone!


I always hated Barney!

Good luck on Sunday :) I'm sure you'll be fine, at least until you pull out of the parking lot :) Have a great weekend!

just added two things to my wish list...a mailbox like that and a fly bike...lol. its friday at least...smiles.

All i got out of our daughter so far in her emails is College is hard. LOL

I ask how she was doing and she said she missed the cats.

So much for all the love. LOL

Cute pics. Good luck fellow mom of quickly growing boy!!!

Totally reconsidering bike riding now. I didn't realize boredom brought out people's creativity. I'll safe some tissues for you.

You are AMAZING. You really manage to brighten up the worse days!

Thanks for brightening my day. I hope all went well dropping of The Boy.