24 January, 2012

The Tax Man Cometh...

Finally, with the holiday season well behind me, I’ve finally been able to start catching up on my jewelry stuff. This past weekend was spent photographing, writing descriptions for and posting the finished pieces to both my website and Etsy.

I swear the maintenance side of this jewelry business could be a full-time job (if I had the time to do it properly). I don’t understand how I let myself fall so far behind over the holiday season, but sadly…it happened. Actually, it happens every year…

The worst part about it…I haven’t updated my business accounting program since tax season last year and guess what’s just around the corner? Ummm….tax season!

How the hell, does this keep happening to me and why do it let it? Meh. (insert shoulder shrug here). Anyhow, whining about it isn’t making it go away, so off I go to toil my misery away.

I leave you with a few photos of some recent pieces.


ooo nice...i like that last one best...

Those look awesome! I love the octopus! It's so fun :)

I'm with you on the taxes bit. I hate doing taxes :( mainly because I don't understand anything. I just do the steps but don't look to hard. Oh and pray I'm not audited.

gorgeous! octopus for the win! :o)