So What’cha Going Do to Earn a Living?

I know that will be the first question to be asked by our friends and families when we finally tell them about our escape plan.
My response will be “Good question.  You’ll be the first to know once we figure it out.”
That’s where we’re at - at this point in time, we don’t really know how we’ll earn an income.  The initial goal is to sustain ourselves with the initial proceeds from the sale of our house and all of our stuff.  Provided we are careful with our money, we should be able to live quite comfortably for a few years without having to work.   Obviously, we still would like the ability to travel, so becoming permanent beach bums isn’t really an option.
We have longer term ideas of perhaps opening a B&B, hostel, beach bar, scuba shop or the like.  We also have shorter term goals of selling some of J's photograph on stock photography sites or perhaps I'll become a professional blogger (ha, like I’ll earn a living from that).  I also plan on continuing to create and sell my jewelry. 
Once in Ecuador, we’ll have the time to figure out what we want to do and if there is a specific niche that needs to be filled, we’ll look into filling it.  Really, the possibilities are endless.


Brian Miller said…
the bed & breakfast sounds lik e a fun idea for sure...
CrazyCris said…
You could teach English! :o)

but my vote is for the Bed & Breakfast :D
Simply Suthern said…
Seeing how I'll never be able to go I will be able to visit thru your blog.
Brenda said…
I've always wanted to run a Bed & Breakfast so I vote for that idea. I wish you best of luck with it and I'm excited to be following along :)

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