14 October, 2010

Would You Wear This???

Yeah - me neither, but someone here at work (of the male gender - on the management team) is wearing one similar to the beautiful one on the right...no joking...

Normally, I don't make fun of my co-workers (ha, I couldn't type that without laughing out loud), but when an opportunity presents itself - I'm opportunistic.

Only 22 more days until I'm away from this madness.


Not exactly fashion forward is he?
Be opportunistic all you want--it helps with that short timer thing. 22 and counting.

Need to make sure he knows the date. It aint Halloween just yet.

Of all people I thought I had the worst fashion sense but even I wouldnt wear that.

removing it from my wardrobe now...smiles.

OMG - that is too freaking funny! I am surprised by many people's inability to recognize their clothes are so out of style. Crazy!

Children? - yes,
Adults? - No way!

He must be single and not own a full length mirror... right??

Maybe he's channeling his inner child, a young girl fond of fashion from the mid '80s. I'm pretty sure I knew a girl who had a pink sweater just like that, and hell no, it was not me. I would have picked the blue one back then. LOL

Wow! Those are awful! Talk about a fashion victim!