I Want Wednesday...and wanting what I can't have...

J and I have talked about buying a boat for some time.  It makes perfect sense considering we are avid scuba divers, love to fish and we live less than 20 minutes from Lake Erie.  

We have certain requirements in mind - it needs to be large enough to hold scuba tanks and gear, fast enough to get us from point A to point B in a reasonable amount of time and we wanted to have a cuddy so that we had the ability to be able to overnight on the boat if we wanted.

I found the perfect boat - it meets all of the requirements and is gorgeous.  The only problem is the cost.  I've always believed that the only thing you should finance are a car and a house, but suddenly I'm faced with the fact that I may need to add a boat to my list.  

Seriously - why the hell are boats so expensive and why did I foolishly need to fall in love?  


R. Jacob said…
Rule of thumb from people who have had a boat, no matter how much you want one.
Your happiest day is when you buy your boat.
Your second happiest day is when you sell it!

It is easier to rent the one you like when you need it.
K13 said…
Ohh such a pretty boat!!! Can I go for a ride when you get it?
Simply Suthern said…
I used to love to scoot around the lake in my FIL boat but thank goodness I have never had a serious urge to buy a boat.

I have heard R. Jacobs comment before and:

Definition of a boat is: a hole in the water where you pour your money.

Does your new place of business have a boatslip behind the office? Wouldnt that be handy?

A lot of the price is in the motor.
Christina said…
Boat are exciting. Some things in life are worth financing. :-)
Brian Miller said…
nice. a boat would be so much fun...i fall in love every time we go to the lake...
JennAventures said…
My parents took years to sell their boat.
Simply Suthern said…
Oh BTW, My comment above was not to sway you in anyway it is just what I heard. I'd love to dive too but I've just never done it.
@ R. Jacob - I've heard that too, but I'm still in love...

@ K13 - of course you can come for a ride in my boat. Maybe we could water ski?

@ Simply Suthern - Wouldn't a boatslip at work just be the perfect combination? I agree on the motor price, but if I'm getting one - it's going to be big!

@Christina - I'm starting to agree with you :)

@Brian - Yeah, me too. Friends have a boat and I'm so jealous when they take us out.

@JennAventures - If I get one, I don't plan on selling it for a few years :)

@Simply Suthern - No worries. If you ever want to learn to dive, I can hook you up. My BF is an instructor and I'm sure we could come south for a visit.
Sarah said…
Oh man - that would be awesome! We owned a small boat for a while but sold it when we realized we never used it (no place close enough to justify it). I don't think it would have worked for what you wanted to use it for but it could pull a water skier (um I don't think that is how you spell that word - haha!)

Good luck to you if you do get one!
CrazyCris said…
Freshwater diving?!?! Is there anything to see in Lake Erie? The only lake dives I've done were here in Belgium and Luxemburg... bottoms full of silt. One good flipper action and the visibility went from bad to inexistant!

I can understand the attraction of a boat though... but a sailboat out at sea! ;o)

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