05 October, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts...Cold Turkey Edition

Seems the only thoughts I have these days are random.  So with that said, go visit The Un Mom for a random link up – you won’t be disappointed.

It’s freezing cold here in Canada these days.  I guess that’s what I should expect when it’s October and I’m living in CANADA!  Duh…

Still, I don’t have to like the cold weather.  Instead of just sucking it up and dealing with it, I plan to bitch about it – a lot.  Don’t say you weren’t warned…

The only good thing about October is Canadian Thanksgiving.  We celebrate ours on October 11th.  Long weekend, here I come…

Yesterday, I also was blessed with an extra serving of Thanksgiving turkey goodness thanks to my father in law.  Sunday night, he took the turkey out of the freezer to put something else in and forgot to put the turkey back too.  So, when it was discovered the yesterday morning, there was no other choice than to cook that baby up and invite J and me to dinner.  Thanks FIL… (and MIL, although I suspect she was seriously pissed for having to deal with a turkey dinner on a Monday – that wasn’t actually Thanksgiving).

I have a little over a month and a half to prepare for my very first craft show and I’m a little freaked out about building enough inventory.  I’ve been selling my stuff as fast as I’ve been making it, which is obviously great, but I really need to get some inventory in place too.  

I've also had to make some table cloths, which involved the “s” word – SEWING!  For those of you that have been following my blog for awhile may know that I don’t like to sew - it sucks and is stupid.   I CAN do it; I just don’t like to do it.  The worst part about it is having to ask J to wind my bobbins and thread the machine for me.  He grumbles about it – a lot.  If he would just sew the damn things for me, there wouldn’t be a problem for him or I.  Right?

I have turkey sandwiches for lunch.  Thanks again FIL – you are a GREAT man!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone…


Mmm turkey sandwiches... almost the best thing about thanksgiving is the left-over turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce... and the best thing is obviously the stuffing... oh yeah and the family is nice too. Ha!

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!

I've decided at work today whenever I don't like something I'm going to announce, "It sucks and is stupid!" I've been chuckling about that for like 5 minutes. I feel the same way about excel reporting.

I would love turkey anything right now! Yum! Good luck with your sewing! Happy RTT!

We have to wait another month for turkey here, but I'm looking forward to turkey leftovers.

the best part of thanksgiving is the leftovers...turkey sandwiched rock! somewhat jealous you get it early...

best wishes for the show!

I don't like to sew either! It is stupid and it does suck!
good luck at your !

Turkey sounds really good right now!

I am looking forward to turkey day as well. I spose we gotta get thru all the halloween candy first.

Take lots of pics so you can take orders. What the heck were you thinking taking that other job when you had time to make jewelry at the first one?? LOL

i'm jealous of you and your long weekend! but enjoy.

happy to see you posting again!

Thanks for the super sweet comments today - they made my day! I like to think me and my hubs are a match made in heaven and X is our little angel!

The turkey sounds great - you get thanksgiving much earlier than we do! Nothing better than a huge meal on turkey day!

I agree it is getting colder, but I actually love it! Although during the day it hasn't been below 60 here yet. But I love that it gets cool at night. I just love fall in general - leaves changing, pumpkins, football, thanksgiving, etc. :)

Hope you are having a great week!

I'm seriously considering celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving even if I do live in Texas... turkey and a lazy weekend sound great.

yummmmm turkey sandwiches!!! those and turkey soup... best parts of a turkey dinner! ;o)

am very glad to hear your crafts are taking flight! they're beautiful and worth it!