The Three of Me...

I sometimes feel that I have a multiple split personalities.  
There is the work me, the mom and wife me and the friend me.
Typically, they manage to co-exist without too much friction, but there are times when I don’t get along well with any of the “me-s”.   

The Work Me
She is dedicated, hardworking and loyal.  She takes pride in doing a job well, likes to be busy and usually works well with others.    She is mature, confident, respectful and tactful.   Her greatest strengths include her high level of organization, multi-tasking skills and her ability to keep her mouth shut.  She is well skilled at cutting through corporate red tape and getting to the heart of what needs to be done.   Her greatest accomplishments include not managing to kill her sales team or verbally assaulting her co-workers. 
She’s done well in her career, but looks forward to doing better, learning more and climbing higher.  

The Mom and Wife Me
She is honest, sincere, warm and caring.  She takes pride in her family and home.  She is fiercely protective of them – even when they manage to push her buttons on a daily basis.   She is well skilled at balancing her time between her son and husband and their respective interests and needs.   She has fantastic mediation skills and uses them often.  She can “hear” what is being said, without really “listening” and does well at feigning sincerity when faced with quality time with her husband and The History Channel.   Her greatest accomplishments include staying sane.  

She loves her family immensely, but looks forward to quality time…alone. 

The Friend Me
She is loyal, honest, fun-loving and caring.   She expects the same from her friends, but is sometimes disappointed by their actions.   Regardless of how disappointed she may be, she accepts and supports them and the decisions they make.   She loves to entertain and her parties are legendary.   

She’s had friendships that have come and gone.  Some, she was sad to see depart from her life and others that she celebrated when they were gone.  Although, she has plenty of friendships, only a few remain close to her heart.  

She also knows that some of her best friends have yet to be introduced to her and when that time comes, she looks forward to getting to know them.

What is the point of this point?  I don’t have one.  I’m just me. 

“Where ever I am, I always find myself looking out the window wishing I was somewhere else.” 
Angelina Jolie


Brian Miller said…
i hear times it feels like each of our roles is so distict that they are personalitities...intriguing though...
R. Jacob said…
Life is full of opportunities to multi task, all the different m-'se are no exception. I do wish one had a mute button that can be used on people.

That would make one of my me-'s happy.
Simply Suthern said…
Nice to meet you and you and you.

Sounds like a very nice mix.
Raven said…
I think most people feel the multiple me's syndrome at least once in a while.
Sarah said…
That's awesome! You are perfect just the way you are! I think they all work together in perfect harmony and it sounds like you have your shiz together! I aspire to be like you - you have some great qualities going for you!
K13 said…
Great post...and as always, so well written!!
Miss Angie said…
You be you! Way to be!
I agree with Ms. Jolie on that...

Say hi to all your me's :D
CrazyCris said…
Great self-analysis! I don't dare dip into that well at the moment... on of my "mes" hasn't been a happy person for quite some time. I mostly ignore her but from time to time she raises her voice and I go down in the dumps... :s

The quote at the end: too true!
CrazyCris said…
PS: you signed up for my travel blog! yippee!!! thanks!!! I'm starting it a bit slowly I'm afraid, and will back dating the first series of posts to when I had planned on writing them... so don't be surprised if in the next couple of days something appears about Switzerland dated Oct 12th! :p
Rebecca S. said…
The funny thing is, you sound a lot like my husband. (glad you like the skeleton)

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