Office Not To-Do List...

Dear Co-Workers,

In an effort to save some time and frustration on both our parts (okay, mostly mine), I’m providing you in advance with this office etiquette list.
Don’t tell me to do something. If you ask, you will likely get a better response. If you tell me, it will likely go to the bottom of my priority list.

Similarly, don’t tell me something is mandatory – especially meetings. I don’t do well with the whole “do it or else” mentality.

Regardless of how old you are - if you are my co-worker, you shouldn’t be calling me “missy”. This missy gets mighty pissy when that happens.
 Don’t ask me how my weekend was or how I’m doing if you’re not intending to listen to my response.

 Don’t cut me off mid sentence. I appreciate your opinion regardless of what it is, so I would appreciate if you listened to mine.

 Unless you want to see a very cranky person, kindly refrain from piling files on my chair when I’m out of my office. I have a desk and that’s where the files belong.

If you print something, pick it up from the printer. If I see it there and I know it’s been there for more than 1 hour, I’m throwing it in the trash.

If you’re on a conference call, have the courtesy to shut your office door if you insist on putting it on speaker phone.

Similarly, if you’re using a headset – DO NOT answer the phone when you are in the bathroom stall beside me.

Last but not least, sending me e-mails with everything marked as urgent will most likely solicit the same response as item #1 – it will be guaranteed to be placed at the bottom of my priority list.

Consider yourself warned.  Govern yourself accordingly…




Brian Miller said…
oh yeah missy is not a fun name at all...and way to be a rebel on those mandatory requests...smiles.
Simply Suthern said…
As my Elementary principal used to annouce over the loud speaker after a stern lecture, "A word to the wise is sufficient".

Funny, I dont remember a lot from those days but that really sunk in.
R. Jacob said…
ah, office stuff, seems a lot like retail stuff, without the office!
Jacqui said…
I may borrow, with your permission. :-)
@ Jacqui - Of course you may borrow it!

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