13 June, 2012

I've Got Nothing...

Well, there's not much going on in life at the moment.  At least there's nothing worth blogging about.  Okay, well maybe is worth blogging about, but I've done enough complaning of late....so, I bring you some more of my Flamingo Tongue Design creations.

Today, it's all about sea glass.  I think if I could make a living from beachcombing, I'd be all over it in a heart beat.  I love finding this stuff...

These pieces were all found in the Philippines.  I simply added the pewter bail and chains.


oo i like the one with a hint of a flower on it...and the brown sea glass one...

I like the bottom 2, especially the bottom one.

I love the last one! So beautiful! Did it have that design on there already?

@ SA - Yes, that was the way the piece of glass was when I found it. I'm guess it was part of an old plate.

These are beautiful. I linked to this post and your shop in my Inpire Me Friday post.


Hope you will stop by for a visit.

These are definitely my favorite!

@ Rachel - Thanks! BTW - I've missed you.