13 October, 2011

How you doin?

Wow, it’s Thursday already.  I guess that’s what you can expect when Monday is a holiday and then Tuesday was a “sick” day and Wednesday was a catch up day at work from my “sick” day and then suddenly Thursday is upon me and it’s also pay day!    Tomorrow is Friday and then it’s the weekend.  Oh Yeah!!! *insert random dancing here*
Thanksgiving with my dad was fantastic.  We had a great time visiting and the weather was beyond anything we can typically expect in Canada this time of year.   I certainly didn’t expect to be wearing shorts and t-shirts all weekend.  I actually had to shave my legs in October – wow!
As with any holiday, the downside is the extra tonnage that creeps upon my thighs while I’m sleeping.   I can’t explain it – I purposely avoided regular beer this weekend.   Could it possibly have been the multiple pieces of pumpkin pie with whipped cream?  Nahhh…not a chance seeing how pumpkin is a vegetable…
It seems that the chance of seasons has brought us some unwanted visitors at work.  We seem to be experiencing a snake infestation.  Apparently baby snakes are being found randomly throughout the building.  On last count, there have been 5 found.  I’m not necessarily afraid of them, but I certainly don’t want them slithering their way into my purse.  Nothing good could become of that…except screaming and lots of swearing.  Oh wait, that’s just a regular day at the office.
And in old news…
J got a new job a couple of weeks ago, but hasn’t started it yet.  When he gave his 2 week working notice, his old company told him his services were no longer required and that he didn’t have to come into work anymore.  Needless to say; J was ecstatic by that turn of events because by law, they had to pay him for the 2 weeks that he would have otherwise worked, plus any vacation pay he didn’t use.  So, not only has been enjoying a 3 week vacation before his new job starts, he also gets paid for 4 weeks. 
The Boy talked us into a new pet.  Well he talked me into a new pet and I surprised it on J.   The Boy and I are a great team and J didn’t know what the hell happened.  The Boy understood that between his school and job demands a puppy was not feasible, so we went to the local animal shelter and picked out a 7 month old kitten.  On the day we brought him home, he was also neutered, so I’m not sure what traumatized him more – a new home or the loss of his man jewels.   Pictures to follow…
I had lunch with an old co-worker a couple of weeks ago.  Seeing her reminded me how much I miss my old co-workers.  I miss their personalities the most and the laughs we used to share.  No one laughs at this new place.  I think they’ve forgotten how to enjoy life.   In my opinion, this job is just a job that pays the bills and puts some money in the bank.  I work to live, not live to work.  Too bad my current co-workers missed that memo.
So there you have it – my life in a nutshell (or perhaps pie shell).  What’s be happening with you?


Can't wait to see pictures of that kitten!

woohoo on the 3 week vacation J...way to work it...

snake infestation? yikes...

There does seem to be less joy in your life with the current job. I am happy for your husband, leaving the old job and on to something new. Things will be better all around for you soon.

Yay for J and his 3 week vacation!! Exciting!!!

And I especially love how you and the boy brought the new kitten to the family...totally what my mom and I used to do back in the day!! Awesome!!

Yeah for paid vacation! Lucky! I wish I could get a new job, tell my current job, and then get paid for those weeks. Would be nice.

"I work to live, not live to work."

Words of wisdom! :o)