18 October, 2011


I’m tired today.   I’m tired a lot lately and I can’t explain why.
I usually get a decent night’s sleep – some are obviously better than others, but for the most part I get a solid 8 hours per night.  Even with that much sleep, I still wake up feeling drained and worn out.
I know my current weight probably has something to do with this feeling of exhaustion, but honestly I’m too tired to even think about exercising in the evening.  It’s a vicious circle – I’m too tired to exercise, but the excess weight is causing me to be too tired to do anything else with my life.
I’ve always required more sleep than the average person, but unless my work is going to start sanctioning afternoon naps, I’ve got to do something about my current state of exhaustion or else I might find myself without a job and then I’ll have plenty of nap time on my hands. 
NOTE:  As I type this, all I can think about is crawling under my desk and pretending to be George Costanza for awhile. If only, I could lie my head down….for just…a little...while….zzzzzzzzzzz*snore*zzzzzzzzzzzz


Did I write this post? I feel the same way!

Doctor time. Full blood tests. I was super exhausted, little sleep, 3 hours a night, blood pressure getting high, cholesterol getting high.

Weight can bring you down too. I received several b-12 shots which helped tremendously.

Your sleep may not be as good as you think. No lights at all, not even a clock or phone will help tremendously.

feel better soon.

look like some good advice above me...do take care of yourself.

I could use a nap, too. Feel better!

No caffeine too close to bedtime - that's my enemy.

Or maybe it's just your body reacting to the onset of winter and getting ready to hibernate.

Now, where's that nice, comfy, straw filled box.......

I can SO relate...Im running a lot less now that school is back in session...and ironically I'm also too tired most days to get to the Y and run at all. Vicious cycle for sure!

I hope you manage to sneak in a few extra hours of sleep here and there! I can totally relate to the vicious cycle that is feeling too tired to exercise at night and then... ugh! :s good luck!

My job has me mentally exhausted all the time. The fact that its almost 9 and I'm still awake to type this is something of a miracle.

I hear you.