15 June, 2011

At Least I Had Someone To Tell Dirty Jokes To...

I’m feeling in a bit of a “mood” today and I can’t put my finger on the cause.  I just know I’m feeling “off”.
I like my new job, but I miss the people from my boring old job. 
I miss my old boss – at least we laughed about things.  
I miss some of my old co-workers – especially the one that would bake me cookies.
I miss being able to surf the internet.  Oh, how I miss the internet (insert longing sigh).
Yes, I’m well aware how much I complained about that old job and about having nothing to do, but at least I had people to talk to, to laugh with, commiserate with and to make fun of.
Here, there is no one.  I’ve been here over 6 months and not a single person has grown on me yet.  I’ve tried to engage them, but to no avail.
I don’t know how to explain it, but they’re an odd bunch.  We have absolutely nothing in common, but that’s not what makes them odd.  Maybe it’s because they are significantly older than my previous co-workers and they act it - stuffy, snobby, uptight and boring.    Life is too short to take it so seriously, but I don’t think they received that life memo.
Oh well, I’ll survive.  I don’t come to work to make friends, I come to earn my paycheck and with my hefty paycheck, I can buy me some new friends.  Ha!  Who am I kidding?  Even if I wanted to, I couldn't even afford an "inflatable friend"...


I do have an old bicycle pump...
insert here?

sucks not having weird HR lady across the wall to get the weird comments too...i know...smiles.

Girl, this could be MY post. I miss my boss, my boring job, and the internet surfing. Sigh.

Ha! I know so many people like that, it's sad! Their loss!... and I guess ours because I miss your old workplace stories too! :p

Cheer up, it's almost SUMMER!!! ;o)

It takes time. Just keep smiling.

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