Learn to Get Along Boys…or I’m Telling…

I’m in the midst of the power struggle at work and I’m not even an active participant.
Although I’m in the Legal Department, I sit in the area of the Finance Department. 
The Chief Financial Officer likes to believe that he will be the next in line to become President, so he has this God complex about him.  I stress the word “believe” because I would bet my salary on that not happening.  He’s just not smart enough or enough of a people person for that to happen – he’s not liked at all.  He’s arrogant and self-absorbed.  Need I say how I really feel?  I don't think he likes me either, so we're even.
The in-house lawyer, who I work for doesn’t want to become the next President, but technically he is viewed as being in “second in command” by the current President of the company.  This in itself pisses the Chief Financial Officer off to no end.  The lawyer is wound pretty tightly, but other than his anal-retentiveness, he’s easy to get along with.
I thought certain women I work with are backstabbers and hard to work with, but the CFO takes the cake for pettiness and underhanded digs at the expense of the lawyer.  What he fails to recognize is that I sit in the office beside him and I can overhear the crap he says and does.   He also fails to recognize that I can’t stand backstabbing.  I’m a firm believer that if you have something to say, you should say it to the person’s face.  They may not like what they hear, but its better than hearing it second hand.
So, here I sit – waiting for the noose to tighten a little more around the CFO's neck before I march off to my boss (the lawyer) and tell him what’s really going on.  I think he already knows, but I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt his cause to receive a little more confirmation. 
This whole thing is nothing more than “school yard shenanigans”.  So what does that make me in this whole thing?   I’m the school yard “tattle tale”.   I’m okay with that.  I’ve always been the one to stand up for the underdog, regardless whether it’s the winning or losing side.
When "boys will be boys", it’s time for the girls to step in and start running the show.  I say Travel Dive Girl for President!


Brian Miller said…
seriously you play this right you take them both out and run the company...smiles.
Simply Suthern said…
I hate those games.

Ya may not want to play the game but you better know the rules.
The work place contains enough drama to fuel a soap opera.
My vote goes to you! You know I always told my HS students that the crap that went on in HS was over with in adulthood. I wonder if they've figured out that I lied? More like HS prepares you for the pettiness of some "adult" jobs :/
Sarah said…
Interesting. I've never had to deal with anything like that at work, though I have had to deal with some other stupid crap, that's for sure.

Hopefully it doesn't get any worse for you!
R. Jacob said…
oh boy, so much fun!
Jacqui said…
I hate office politics - I'm just not good at them. I think I missed the lesson at school that taught people the rules.

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