Random Monday Thoughts...On a Tuesday...

I haven’t felt like I’ve had any time to myself in a very long time.   My brain is mush.  I don’t know what the hell is going on in my life or where I’m at within it.   I’m actually thinking about taking a *cough* sick day (or two) just to stay at home and catch up on some “me” time.  I miss me.
I usually try to save my sick days for June or July (when the weather is warm, the sun is shining, the beer is cold and my deck chairs are clear of snow), but I’m getting desperate for some solitude.  Really, really desperate.
Over the past couple of weeks, my jewelry business has been picking up steam again and I’ve actually just received an order for a wedding in June.   Yay me.  Problem is – I have no motivation to get moving on it.  Hence, another great reason for a “me” day.
The Boy was home for a quick visit on the weekend.  He was actually home for a summer job interview with the water department of a local town.  Fingers crossed that he gets it.  He desperately needs a good summer job and those are very scarce in our area.
When I asked The Boy how the interview went.  His reply was:
 “I’m not going to lie, I’m totally not qualified for it.  I’d much rather be working in the cemetery maintenance department.  No one’s going to bother me there.”   
He’s so much like me – it’s scary…
Speaking of cemeteries - I saw the creepiest thing on my way home a couple of weeks ago when I was driving by an old country cemetery in the middle of nowhere.  I see small flickering lights in the cemetery and my first thought was someone was in the cemetery with a flashlight.  Out of morbid curiosity, I slow down to get a closer look and then I realize they were those damn solar lights.  A number of graves were adorned with solar lights.   I’m guessing those same graves were also decorated with lawn gnomes and plastic flowers.   What the hell the solar lights were for, I do not know.  BUT, I do know that it creeped me out.  

I hate it when I ask someone (J) to look up one small thing on his computer and the time I spent explaining it to him and listening to him complain that he couldn't find it - I could have done it myself.  Grrr...


Simply Suthern said…
Does sound like you need a break. Those second jobs do wear on you as well even tho deep down you enjoy doing them. I have that same issue with my shop. I often say I have no life of my own because my day is planned by the family and events surrounding it.

Our daughter isnt even coming home from college. She decided to keep the job she has thru the summer and get an apartment there. The wife aint happy.

Hope you find some me time.
VandyJ said…
I don't get the solar lights in the cemetery either--the dead don't need them and who goes visiting a cemetery at night? Only creepy people or crazy teenagers.
K13 said…
So...are you on your "sick" day today?? I ended up at work :( I did skate out about 1 1/2 hours early yesterday but not the same as you can imagine.
@k13 - No I came to work too. I'm such a dumbass.
CrazyCris said…
Hold in there Dive Girl! I'm sure a sunny day will come around soon to make it worthwhile to take a *sick* day! ;o)

Congrats on the jewelry shop doing so well! I guess the price of success is that... fatigue. Good luck with it!

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