On The Bright Side of March...

In a desperate attempt to put the winter blahs behind me, I trying to look on the bright side of things and this is my attempt of looking for the positives in the month of March (in no particular order).

  • St. Patrick’s Day – What’s not to love about a day where you can drink green beer and kiss Irish people?

  • My Birthday – Also another day you can drink beer and kiss Irish people.

  • Mardis Gras -  Do you sense a pattern?  Another day to drink beer, but this time I don’t think you’re limited to just kissing the Irish.

  • Spring – The first day of Spring officially arrives – enough said.  No wait – WHOO HOOO!!!

  • Daylight Savings Time – More daylight!  Yeah!!!

  • Three Pay Checks – Bi-weekly pay periods are fantastic when you are blessed with three of them in one month.   What to buy? What bill to pay?

  • March Madness – I don’t really follow basketball any other time of year, but I am part of a “pool”, so I tend to pay a little more attention to what’s going on in March.

  • International Women’s Day – I’m actually attending a gala breakfast in recognition of this day.  I committed to going before I knew it started at 7:00 a.m. and will have to get up by 5:00 to make it on time.  Next time…I’ll ask for the details first.

  • Last but not least…a vacation.   Yes, I’m taking another vacation (next week).  I know, I know - that's all I do.  This one I can thank my income tax refund and the weekend hours I worked for my previous company, to be able to book a getaway.   Thank goodness for small miracles.  After this one – there will be no more vacations in my near future.  I need to get saving for “Philippines 2012 – Epic Dive Adventure 3.0”.

What’s on your bright side of March?


Simply Suthern said…
March? AInt that the month before April Fools Day?
Brian Miller said…
so you take vacation, drink beer and kiss irish people...all while turning 23 this month...not bad at all...smiles.
JennAventures said…
I love the three pay period month! It's like a bonus!!! And your list lifts my spirits...March is an amazing month.
Sarah said…
Nice list. That next vacation sounds amazing! I am so jealous! We were going to go to Vegas last fall if you remember but we ended up moving instead. I think we are going to try and go this fall.

I'm not sure what March will hold but hopefully if nothing else, less chaos for me. Hopefully our house will be put all togther by the end of the month!
Raven said…
I think you covered all the awesomeness that occurs in March! Oh, wait, you forgot Shamrock Shakes at McDonalds!
Rachel said…
I'm just climbing out of my own February Funk.

I won an award and I have to pass it on. I've nominated you so please visit my blog to check out the details and claim it. If you don't want to participate, I totally understand!
Rebecca S. said…
Here's to beer of all colours and kissing! Thanks for looking at the bright side of an otherwise sloppy, gritty month.
R. Jacob said…
let me pour you a beer and talk about it!
Jacqui said…
March sounds like a full, fun month. Enjoy.

We have a Peppa Pig party to enjoy this week - our grand daughter will be 4! Of course, it will be held in a children's play area - at the local pub. We might manage a few drinks while we're there.

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