02 March, 2011

Facebook… The Pickle Theme…

The jury is still out as to whether I find Facebook to be a useful tool.  Sometimes I want to gouge my eyes out and defriend everyone on my list (mostly blood relatives) because I’m inundated with crap about their lives.  There are other times when I find Facebook to be a great tool for sharing and inspiration.   Yesterday was one of those days…

Various comments and status updates that brought joy to my life…

In response to my status update of: 

“The sun is shining. All is right with the world – at least my world”.  

A good male friend (who dislikes cats – therein lies the humor) wrote: 

"Good for you, my morning started with cleaning out the refrigerator after the dill pickle container spilled through the night, only to be followed by Ewok (his wife’s cat) puking her guts out and then crapping all over the kitchen floor. I need a vacation!” 

The following status update that made me laugh out loud and comes from a newly added “friend” (via our blogs)…you know who you are… 

“My inner cheerleading squad ran off to join a cult.  Now they cheer for His Holiness the Immaculate Saint of Little Pickles.” 

And last, but not least…my son’s Facebook account (who is not a "friend, but that I creep)…

Yep, for the time being I heart FB...and pickles.


I have the same view of FB but still find myself checking it - just incase something interesting has happened to someone I know.

Sometimes getting pickled is exactly what we need to get thru the week.

i am off of facebook, but i do like pickles on my PB sandwiches...

LOL, I'm flattered that you liked my status that much. *blushes* hehehe

I love the bottom one. Soaked in evil. Priceless!

I went to undergrad in Michigan, a scant few miles from a Heinz pickle farm. Every summer, when the wind would blow West to East, the air would smell of vinegar and pickles.

I will never eat another pickle.

I understand if you like to keep it private but we could be friends on facebook if you want another! :)

I actually like pickles...but get that some people don't - haha.

Happy Wednesday!