01 March, 2011

Random Enough For You?

That's all I've got...

Happy Tuesday!


I think it pretty well sums up February for you!

LOL! Thanks for the laugh. :)

Happy Tuesday!

Yep, Looked like me in the mirror this morn.

About the look that was on my face when I spilled hot tea on my keyboard and lap at work this morning. March FAIL.

Oh what a scary ape, but is was a nice escape.
Or would that be a monkey, it looks really funky.
Oh I'm not good with apes, unless they wear a superhero cape.
Know any to those, nope I don't either that blows.
So off this cat goes, to twiddle my toes.

i thought we had a talk about using pictures of me...

Haha that is too cute!

It's Sarah btw.

I was able to log back into my old wordpress account so I have an identity for now til I get back to blogger!

Hope you are having a good week!