Live Life...

There comes a time when we all need to take a step back and adjust our perspective on life and what’s really and truly important.
It’s easy to become consumed with the daily chores, jobs and family commitments, but what we all have to realize is that we are ultimately in control of your own destiny.  Stop for just one moment and ask yourself – what if?  
What if I didn’t take my children to soccer practice, dance lessons, karate lessons, skating lessons?  Who are we truly doing it for anyhow?  What if we stayed home and watched a movie instead?  Will they love me less?
What if I didn’t exercise today?  Will the world come to an end?
What if I left the dirty dishes in the sink until tomorrow or didn’t sweep the dust bunnies from under the kitchen table?   What’s the worst that will happen?  
What if I opted for ice cream for supper instead of a salad?  What would my mother think?  Who cares?
What if I don’t update my Facebook status tonight?  Will my friends think I’ve died?
Stop taking life so seriously.  Stop taking yourself so seriously.   Stop letting your precious time and energy be consumed with things that aren’t important in the grand scheme of “life”. 
Stop and think about it.   
Live life – the life you want to, not the life you feel obligated to.


Brian Miller said…
some great wisdom and a great challenge here and i could not agree more...
R. Jacob said…
and then the snow started again! ha ha
Simply Suthern said…
Sounds really good but I aint a life of my own in so many yrs that I wouldnt know what to do with it if I had one now.

It is really sad but then again everyone else is happy and sometimes I think that is my purpose.
Raven said…
Great advice. I've been working on doing exactly that. Living life, instead of hiding from it. It's not working too well so far, but I won't give up hope that things will change.
Carol said…
I finally figured that out after I had a mastectomy. Life is too short and most "duties" aren't that critical anyway.

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