Reflections of Christmases Past - Part 3 - The Ugly…

The Ugly
I realize that it’s the thought that counts and I appreciate everything I’ve been given - if not solely for their entertainment value, but let me say that there have been a whole lotta uglies under my Christmas tree.  There have been multiple culprits, but the major offender – my mother.
I don’t know how to explain it, but my mother seemed to believe I was stuck in the 80’s – as a teenage girl.   
When I was 13, I loved unicorns and then when I was 16, my interest turned to whales.  Until I was 39, I received at least one whale or unicorn item from my mother.  I don’t know where she found them, but every year, they were guaranteed to turn up.
She then went through a stage, when everything had some type of fiber optics attached to it.
Then, there was the clothing stage.  What 25 year old women wouldn’t want a sweatshirt with birdhouses or fuzzy cats on them?
There was one year when something miraculous happened, expecting the usual and preparing myself for the “oh wow, that’s awesome” speech, I opened my gift – it was a gift card to my favorite restaurant.  I was in shock.  She apologized for the gift card, explaining that she just didn’t get around to finding me the perfect gift.  It was an anomaly and the usual gifts returned.
God bless her.  She is no longer with me and my life and Christmas isn’t the same with her gone.  Nor is it the same without a bobble head flamingo, chia pet or garden gnomes. 
With that said, there’s always hope for my mother-in-law.  Last year, she bought me an ironing board.  She also has a fondness for dusty rose and lace. 


R. Jacob said…
I see a swifter or a huggie in your future!
Simply Suthern said…
My grandfather always gave me tube socks. Ya know the ones with the racing stripes around the calf that went out of style in the 70's. I dont know where he found them but he always managed. He's gone now. Makes one miss the socks.

Grandma found out I liked(translated, Loved) banana pudding, SOOOOOO, She always makes banana pudding when she comes over. I do like it but sheesh use a smaller bowl please.

But then again they do it for love, so how can we complain?
K13 said…
Oh my..another great post that made me laugh - which I always need...sorry I've been gone a bit...things are finally more under control so hopefully I can get more blogging and blog-reading done!!

Merry Christmas!!!
Brian Miller said…
hehe...wonder if we could combine several of these into the ultimate gift...
Raven said…
My mom is always good about getting me what I want off my Christmas list, which I appreciate. Though, the uglies do make Christmas interesting, don't they?
Sarah said…
I'm sorry you no longer have your mother! But that is too funny what she always got you! My Grandma is that way - always giving people stuff they don't want! But I still love her! Either way, I hope you have a super great Christmas!! :)

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