19 December, 2010

Reflections of Christmases Past - Part 2 - The Bad…

As I mentioned, there are very few bad memories of Christmases past.   I’ve been fortunate; however there are still a few memories that have been less than stellar. 

The Bad

The first few years after my mom and dad divorced were tough.  One year I would be with my mom in Ontario and then the next year, I would be stuck on a plane as an unaccompanied minor and shuffled off to New Brunswick to spend with my dad.  It wasn’t awful - it just wasn’t what it used to be.  It was different, but with everything you learn to adapt.

Then there are the things that when you’re a kid, seem like a huge miscarriage of justice and that you’ve be wronged by the world.  

When I was 9, I got a set of walkie-talkies, which would have been a fantastic gift IF I wasn’t an only child who lived in the country, with no friends for miles. 

When I was 12, I was dying for a 10 speed bike - a guy’s, blue, 10 speed bike.  What I got was a girl’s, pink, 10 speed bike with a basket.  I was mortified.  That was the year, I learned that specifics and details matter.

Tomorrow, the ugly.


ouch...yeah these are a bit painful...

Everyone has a story, many are not always warm and happy.

I laughed outloud when you wrote "specifics and details matter"-story of my life, yo.