Welcome to Toronto - You've Got to be Joking...

As the world has discovered, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is a joke and an embarrassment to every citizen of Toronto that he is meant to represent.  Heck, he’s an embarrassment to me and I don’t even live there.  Now I understand, he's set to appear on Jimmy Kimmel and attend the Oscars - I guess all crack smoking, drunken baffoons can make it in Hollywood.
As a Canadian, I am ashamed of his ongoing bad behavior.  If Rob Ford was mayor of anywhere else in the world, the man would have been run out of town by now.  As a side note, I'm also ashamed of Justin Bieber, but that rant is for another day.
Toronto was once thought to be a world-class city by some.  However with Rob Ford at the helm, he makes all Canadians look ridiculous.  In my opinion, he needs to step aside and crawl back beneath the rock from whence he came.
Municipal elections will be coming up in October of this year and Rob Ford plans to run for the mayoral seat once again.  If Torontonians are stupid enough to re-elect him, they deserve what they – a dumbass, amnesiac at the helm of the Titanic.


Simply Suthern said…
Hard to believe they can't convict this guy of something.

If it was one of us we would prolly be under the jail.

Him and Bieber, Canada just cant get a break.
Ray Denzel said…
Ha, it's your turn!
Beatriz said…
From what I understand we ended up with Bieber after Canada took gold in the winter Olympics this year, so yeah.

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