Introducing....Surfing Flamingo!

You may remember awhile ago, I introduced a logo, which has a work in progress.  Well, this is the final version…

Well, the plan for its use is still forming, but we know the logo will be incorporated into whatever we decide to do when we retire early, which by the way is still 3-4 years away.  *sigh*

We have some great ideas, but those ideas are dependent on a number of things that we can’t finalize until we are finally on location.  Surfing Flamingo - for now, is the name of our new Etsy shop.  There you will find some of J’s photos for digital download, his custom greeting cards (not your regular Hallmark line) and some of my beach-inspired jewelry. 

I’m still running my shop, Flamingo Tongue Designs (hmmm I see a pattern forming in the names) – could that be a hint of where our hearts belong? 

In any event, please feel free to stop by Surfing Flamingo or Flamingo Tongue Designs and see what we’ve been up to. 


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