Diabolical Scheming in Process...

For years, I’ve struggled with happiness in my career.  I’m easily bored, need to be challenged and most important of all, don’t like to be micro-managed.
Well, I’m 3 years into my current position and am still unhappy with my choice in careers.  It’s my problem and I’m dealing with it, BUT knowing it’s only short-term (3-5 years) definitely helps. 
That being said, I’ve come up with a plan of sorts – something that should keep me engaged, reduce my exposure to unpleasant people, allow me to be slightly creative and the best part – my report structure should change.  AND, there is a need for this position within the organization – they just don’t know it yet!
Here is where by diabolical scheming comes in.  I need to figure out a way to – make them aware of the need for this position, convince them I’m the right person for the position, convince my boss he’s not the reason I’m want out of our department, so he’ll give the new position his blessing, recommend me and then find a suitable replacement so I can get the hell out.  Then all I have to do is make the position mine.  Easy - in my mind at least…
So, the position I’m speaking about is a corporate policy and procedure trainer.  The position title needs some work. 
Basically as part of my current role, I now write corporate policies and procedures and as part of the legal department, we then “roll them out” and magically believe people are adhering to them.   By “roll them out”, I mean send the policy in an e-mail.   Efficient, I know but not so effective.
I would like to take the role a step further and implement a formal training program which would entail initial training, ongoing training to new employees, yearly refresher training and of course, policy and procedure compliance monitoring.
I believe employees would find value in this because as it stands now, they are supposed to following policies and procedures that many of them don’t even know about.  They start with the company, are handed a policy and procedure manual and are expected to be aware and understand it.  People aren't wired to work that way – at least most people I know aren’t.
I know it sounds boring, but I enjoy the teaching aspect of these things, I like to make boring topics interesting and understandable and I like things to run smoothly and right now, things don’t run smoothly – at all.  
So there it is…my "escape from the legal department until I can escape from reality" scheme.   *insert diabolical laugh here*  muhahahaha


Beatriz said…
GENIUS (insert evil cackle)!!!!

Good luck!
Brian Miller said…
hey, you never know til you pitch it eh? i say go for it...
Simply Suthern said…
Corporate Compliance Manager

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