23 May, 2013

Creepy Bears…

I’m not a fan of costumed characters - never have been.   Mascots of any type could easily warrant a kick from me if they stray to close and want a hug.   Photos are not an option.  As much as I like Walt Disney World, the costumed characters roam a little too freely for my liking (sorry Krystyn) and I want no part of them.  I don’t like clowns either.  Yes, apparently I have issues.

So imagine my dismay, when Kraft changed the bears on their label.  This is the one I know and love.  Non-threatening right?
I eat a lot of peanut butter with toast, but now I’m not sure I can stick with Kraft peanut butter any longer.  These bears freak me out…

I’m not sure if they truly intended to go for the “stalker vibe”, but honestly that’s what I’m feeling.  Guess it’s time to find another less threatening breakfast treat.


umm...have yet to see this...those bears are def a little creepy....

I didn't know Kraft made peanut butter. I'll have to look next time I go to the store to see what ours looks like.

Eat Jif peanut butter!

Yep, You might have a bit of an issue. Being afraid of costumed characters is silly. Now MIMES!! Theres something to be really creeped out about. LOL

I spose you and Mr. Peanut aint buds either.

Have to admit, that lower pic is kindy icky aint it.

I understand but am sad to learn that you won't be joining us at WDW anytime soon then. :( Those PB bears though ARE way creepy!!

@Krystyn - I'd be happy to join you at WDW, but there shall be no photo ops for me.

Those bears are definitely peeping! LOL! Have a great weekend :)

Yup. Stay away from that peanut butter, definitely creepy!!!

But on the other hand... don't complain! The only supermarket around here that stocked peanut butter has dropped it from its stock!!! And I finished my last jar a few weeks ago... I'm going through withdrawal! :o(

On a more amusing note...


You got some fishy stories from your last diving trip to share with us??? ;o)

In any case, I hope to see you hanging out around the Oceanic Blog-A-Thon! ;o)

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