Things I Won't Miss...

I’m sure my tune will change when I’m finally relocated to Ecuador, Bonaire or some other southerly destination, but right now at this moment in time, here is a list of things I won’t miss…

1. My alarm clock. Waking up on my own will be a blessing. I should have all of the time in the world to do what I want, when I want, so my alarm clock won’t be a necessity any longer.

2. My commute. I can think of so many things I can do with an additional 2 hours every day.

3. The daily grind of a 9-5 job and all of the office politics that go along with said job. I know I’ll miss the paycheck but I think all the negatives outweigh that one positive.

4. Fast food restaurants. Yes, I know they are convenient and I am not one to frown upon their usefulness, but I’ll be glad when they are no longer an option for me.

5. Big box stores. Convenient? Yes. Cheap? Yes. Soul sucking? Absolutely! I can’t even put into words the despair I feel upon entering these big box stores. Is so much stuff really necessary?

6. Commercialization. I guess this goes along with items 4 and 5 above and so many other things I witness every day. I’m tired of mini-malls, shopping malls, the suburbs, condo developments and everything else commercial. Everything has the same appearance in one town as it does in every other town in North America. I want something different and unique.

7. Television. Yes you heard that correct. J and I are hoping to give up television. This will be a bigger task for J than for me, but it’s something we are entertaining. There’s another 3+ hours we’ll get back every day.

8. Stuff. I can hardly wait to get rid of my excess stuff. I plan on starting the liquidation process next spring, but the liberation won’t be complete until it’s all gone and my entire belongings will fit into a few suitcases.

9. Lack of Time. I know I will find other things to fill my day, but I’m most looking forward having some time to myself - to do something, anything or nothing at all.

I guarantee, there will be more to come, but those are the big ones right now.

Legal Disclaimer: I reserve the right to change my mind on anyone of these items should the need arise.


Rachel said…
I'm not moving to another country but, I want those things now! (Except for the few suitcases bit, I hate living out of a suitcase!)
*krystyn* said…
what a great list!! I'm with you on TV...that would be easy to give up for me...can't remember last time I sat down to watch for more than 5 minutes...E and O hog it all the time. I'm content with a nice breeze, comfy chair and a book!! I'm SO coming to see you down there!
Brian Miller said…
hey where do i sign up? i want to kick a few of those to the curb myself...
I gave up TV for a while but it was not easy! I have also returned to my bad habit :(

I love your #9

CrazyCris said…
Good list, but good luck with it! You haven't made it easy!
Getting rid of most of my "stuff" would be the hardest for me... all my books!!! Sniff!!!
As for TV... I only watch the news (rarely), the occasional movie, some major sporting events (Olympics, World Cup...) and some TV series which I find tell much better stories than what we get n the movie theatres. Not sure I'd want to give it up!

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