Random Thoughts – Monday Blues and Then It’s Winter…

I’m feeling out of sorts this Monday. I don’t know why, I just know that something’s not right with my world at the moment. Probably, just the Monday blues. I should start feel better by 5:00 pm - I usually do.

My boss is on holidays this week. Thank goodness for small miracles. Another week like last week and I might not have been able to contain myself or the rage he creates within me.

I had dinner with an old co-worker last week. Our meeting reminded me of how much I miss working with her. We could be silly together, laughing about anything, everything and everyone that crossed our paths throughout the day. It was nice to have a funny, carefree co-worker. I don’t have that here and I miss it.

I wish I could go barefoot in the office. I hate wearing shoes. I’m constantly kicking them off under my desk only to have to scramble to put them back on when I need to go to meetings, the printer, supply room or the restroom.

This morning I was reflecting upon “what I did this summer” and apart from walking on the beach on the weekends, J and I have not done anything exciting or accomplished anything substantive around the house. The spare room is still in need of drywall, paint, finishing touches, etc. Oh well, at least some beach memories have been made.

The evenings and mornings are starting to get cooler. After the scorching summer we’ve had, the coolness is welcomed, but it’s also a gentle reminder that “you know what” will be coming soon enough.

On the topic of “you know what”, J pointed out that the wild goldenrod plants were starting to flower. An old wive’s tale has it that once they’ve flowered, the first frost will be coming within 6 weeks. I can’t even think about that or else my funk will only worsen. They do look pretty though…


R. Jacob said…
there are days like that
Brian Miller said…
i would love to go barefoot all the time...smiles...and how can it be a bad day when the boss is out, come on...smiles..
Those are beautiful! I agree with you, its been slightly cooler but that only means the cold is on it's way :(

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