Say What???

So, I feel sort of ashamed of myself and I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve just booked another vacation.

I know, I know, I haven’t even left for the one in March, so what business do I have in booking another one? Well, I don’t have any business going anywhere after my complaining about how much the March one is costing me.

Well on the topic of cost…cheap airfare is the reason I do EVERYTHING!!! I live for cheap airfare and literally receive daily updates from all of the major airlines and booking sites.

I’ve been watching flight prices since last October for my favorite place on Earth (Bonaire by the way) and airfare has been averaging $1,000 pp. Well, $1,000 airfare is just too much to pay for something in the Caribbean when I also have to consider accommodations, vehicle rental and scuba diving.

This morning, there is an e-mail in my inbox saying my watched flight to Bonaire has gone down by $250. Hmmm, that’s still a lot of money but I decide to take a peek at the flight prices on Continental’s website. WELL, WELL, WELL, the actual price was $590 pp, which includes the tax!!!

It was too good to be true – I’ve only seen prices that cheap once before, so I did the only sane thing one could do – I e-mailed J to see how he felt about it and booked it.

Thank goodness for ramen noodles…eating them is the only way I can afford to travel.


$600 pp?!?!?! I would have been all over that too! That is awesome :) So jealous right now ;)
Sarah said…
Awesome! That is so great and you shouldn't feel the least bit guilty! Once again, I am jealous! :)
Brian Miller said…
you are killing me...hahaha...i could use a deal
R. Jacob said…
rule number one

enjoy while you can!
CrazyCris said…
lol! I'm also all about the cheap flights! I wouldn't be able to hop around Europe meeting with friends without them! :p

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