11 November, 2011

Too Boring To Blog About It...

That's it...nothing going on, so I won't bother you with the drivel. In other boring news...it snowed today and with that my life is on the downslide until May. On that happy note - have a GREAT weekend!


smiles. heres to hoping life gets more interesting...and in a good way..smiles.

Snow? I'd love some snow!!! I'm probably not going to get any this year... *sigh*

So I guess you don't want me to tell you it's 23ÂșC and I'm wearing a t-shirt while soaking up the sun on the balcony, huh? Oops! Sorry 'bout that!

Cheer up! Your vacation is getting so close you can almost touch it!

PS: are you still finding time to read the blogs occasionally? I haven't seen you around either of my places in months! *snif*

I too, had to decide what pair of shorts to wear today. It was agreed that whatever the color, please put something on. something about scaring people in the neighborhood!