Ten Signs...

I realize it’s technically not winter yet, but I’m fed up already and I haven’t even seen a snowflake yet. 
With only one month remaining until I vacate this country for the sunny south, here’s my top 10 list which might indicate you also need a vacation to a sunny, warm destination…
1.       “Wind chill” is suddenly the new catch phrase.
2.       You go to work in the dark and you come home in the dark.
3.       It’s the first day of November and you have appointment to have your snow tires put on.
4.       It’s the first day of November and Christmas has thrown up all over the mall.
5.       It’s the first day of November and Vegas bookies have started taking bets on when the first Christmas carol will be played on the radio.
6.       You’ve become emotionally attached to flannel sheets and electric blankets.
7.       The space heater under your desk hasn’t been turned off since September.
8.       You’ve had to go on a scavenger hunt to find your ice scraper, winter boots, mittens and toque (let me know if I have to explain that one).
9.       You’ve switched from drinking margaritas to spiced rum and warm cider, with an extra hint of spiced rum.
10.   Your legs have become so furry; your spouse thinks he’s sleeping with a Yeti.
There you have it.  It’s time for a getaway…


R. Jacob said…
Yes , dark out, dark in.

Porky Pig Christmas Song. If you can't smile while listening, bah humbug.

In retail, Christmas stuff starts coming in August. I officially hate the holidays!

The more rum you drink, the better looking I become!

This why I always buy drinks for the ladies.
Brian Miller said…
a yeti eh? smiles...

love the new lay out!
Rachel said…
#8- yes, please explain
I like #6 and what is a toque?
Sarah said…
Those are all true and funny! Hope you have been well. Sorry I haven't commented in a while. I always read, just sometimes so fast that I don't have time to comment due to this crazy thing they call my job! :)
CrazyCris said…
So I guess probably shouldn't rub in the fact that I only started wearing socks a week ago or that I'm still in short sleeves and enjoying the gorgeous sun on the Mediterranean... ;o)

Hope your holiday gets here soon!

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