Texting With The Boy...

On Tomatoes…
The Boy:  What should I do with a half of a tomato?
Me:        Um…wrap it up and leave it on the counter.
The Boy:   But, I already put it in the refrigerator.
Me:        Then why did you ask me what to do with it? 
The Boy:  I dunno.
Me:   By the way, what are you doing with a tomato?  (I ask because he hasn’t eaten a sliced tomato since he was 2)
The Boy:  I made a sandwich.
Me:        But you don’t like tomatoes.
The Boy:   I still don’t like tomatoes.  I didn’t do it for me.  It was done for the sake of the sandwich.
Me:  Stop texting me. 
On Getting a Puppy…
The Boy:  Can I get a puppy?
Me:  No
The Boy:  Why not?
Me:  Because I’ll be the one left to look after it.
The Boy:   No you won’t.  I’ll feed it and take it for walks and clean up after it and it can stay in my room.  You won’t have to do a thing.
Me:        Have you fed your goldfish in a while?
The Boy:  No, I keep forgetting.
Me:  If you had a puppy in your room, it would have died by now.
The Boy:  Good point.


Brian Miller said…
haha..way to win the puppy argument...and shh..if he is eating tomatoes leave well enough alone...
Simply Suthern said…
Well, at least he conceded the point.
R. Jacob said…
I have seven dogs. I will be happy to send six of them to you.

Jacqui said…
The puppy story made me smile. Thank you for making me smile today!
Sarah said…
Are those for real? Haha! Those are pretty pricesless! Love it. Can't wait til my son can text me.....oh wait, yes I can! :) I can't even imagine him haveing a cell phone ever!
Anonymous said…
Harsh lessons, but parents have to teach them. Oh why can't kids come with a USB drive to just upload information?!
LOL! That is hilarious! Hope you had a great weekend!
Raven said…
LMAO I think we went through about 2 dozen vermin (assorted mice, rats, hamsters etc.) before my Midget learned the all important 'If you don't feed them they die' lesson. Thankfully she hasn't asked for a new one since Lyle died. lol

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