30 May, 2011

Random Thougts - Beward of Little Girls in Sundresses...

My boss is still crazy – no doubt about it.  He’s a make work kind of person and instead of just answering a question, he in return asks about three more.  By carrying on with this circular questioning, he’s postponing actually having to focus on making a decision.  I’m wise to his “stall tactics” and now, I’m managing to think 3 steps ahead and have the answers before he asks them.  This drives him slightly more crazy than usual.   If I can manage to push one person over the edge in a day, I’ve fulfilled my life’s goal.   I LOVE my job…
Speaking of jobs – I had my 6 month review on Friday.  It went as I suspected and I am now slightly richer with the modest raise that came along with passing my probationary period.   I don’t consider this a big deal because according to the HR Manager – “Nobody gets fired from here, unless of course you feel the need to jump off the building naked.”  Hmmm… that left me wondering if she was actually speaking from experience. 

It's a good thing I'm getting my eyes checked next week.  J, The Boy and I were out for a drive on the weekend and we were heading to our favorite beach.  I saw what I thought was a little girl in a sundress playing along side the road with her dad, where is was busy working on something.  I warn J to watch out for the little girl and there is a moment of silence...turns out the little girl was an orange traffic cone.  Yeah, I'm not going to live that one down for a long time.
Does anyone watch House Hunters International or is it just a Canadian show?  I love the premise of people looking for real estate in far off places.   One day – I hope to do the same…
With all the good season finales wrapping up – I’m feeling at a loss.  Soon to come is the second string line-up, which includes Wipe Out, Big Brother, America’s Got Talent and whatever other crappy programming TLC decides to throw at me (i.e. Toddlers in Tiaras).  Maybe it’s a sign I need to get off the couch and do something productive with my spare time.
The Boy informs me that his buddy is trying to grow a Monkeytail Beard.  WTH is that you ask?  See below for your answer.  I intend to make fun of his buddy on as many occasions as possible.  Seriously is it not the most ridiculous thing you have seen so far this week?


i might have to shave me a monkey tail...no...no i will not...a traffic cone eh...hmmm...nice on agravating the boss hehe...

Just one more way to say please dont hire me.

Safety cone kids. What a great Idea.

And as soon as I don't have to go to a job everyday, I'm growing that right there.

Naked jumping? Definitely a spectator sport. And as for the whiskers......

There's nothing like making your boss slightly crazier. :)

Congrats on the raise. More money is always good.

I've seen that monkey tail beard before, it's apparently the new 'thing' but I think it's ridiculous.

between the monkey tail beard and the traffic cone girl I'm laughing myself off my seat right now! :D

omg - your post has me literally cracking up - for more than one reason! The beard thing is just ridiculous! But funny too. Also, the tv thing is true for me too. I feel lost when my fav shows are over and I grieve a little too - makes me sound pathetic but I really get into some shows! Also, the traffic cone thing is pretty funny too but I don't blame you on that one. Even with my contacts I still can't see certain things, especially far away. Entertaining as usual my friend! :)

Happy Wednesday!