30 September, 2010

The Stars Have Aligned...

So, as I mentioned earlier this week – I quit my job.  I didn’t hate my job - it was okay as far as jobs went.   

I decided to leave because boredom got the better of me.  My days were not remotely close to being filled and 98% of the time, I read e-books or surfed the internet – for 8 hours a day!  I’m sure it sounds like a dream job to some, but it wasn’t for me.  After 2 years or mind-numbing boredom, my mind was slowly turning to mush.  I like to challenge others and be challenged and this place wasn’t fulfilling any of those requirements.

This new opportunity was literally in the works for a long time.  My path crossed with an old acquaintance about 4 years ago.  I was looking for something new, but he wasn’t looking to hire.  Then, he was looking to hire, but I wasn’t looking to move.  It’s been back and forth, back and forth.  I’d actually written the opportunity off and was moving on when I got another call.  

Well, finally the stars aligned and I was presented with an offer (and opportunity) that I couldn’t refuse.
  • A lot closer to home = more time for me and less time on the road, which means less stops at the gas station; 
  • Brand new position.  I can make it my own and don’t have to worry about hearing “that’s not how so and so did it."
  • Great family owned company, with lots of room for personal growth. 
  • Better benefits and a pension plan;
  • An office of my own – with a door!  No more cube-dwelling for this girl; 
  • More money.  I didn’t even have to ask for it, but gladly accepted it; 
  • Most importantly – RESPECT.  They value their employees and it shows – most of them are 15+ years with this company. 
Today, I am a firm believer that “Good things come to those who wait".

29 September, 2010

Today's Blog Post is Postponed Due to Distraction...

I've started to write a post about the new job, but the old job keeps getting in the way, so I've given up for now.  Actually I haven't given up, I've just become distracted - BUT for good reason.  I found this website...

Let me just say, the "Travel Archives" are an endless source of entertainment for me.  Well done Spud!

28 September, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts...

Before we start, please take a minute and go visit The Un Mom - every week she hosts this wonderful random party.

Okay, here goes...

Running away and joining the circus sounded like an appealing idea, until I remembered I don’t like clowns.  Creepy bastards…

The “Everything you Wanted to Know About Sex Show” is on this weekend in London.  I don’t think I need to go again this year.   Seriously, how much could have possibly changed since last year?

I quit my job today.  It’s amazing how much less shit I’ve put up with today, than I did yesterday.  It feels good to be liberated…again.

I have officially received word that I’m not crazy.  Well, maybe I AM crazy, but I’m just not at risk for going postal on my co-workers.  At least that’s what the “business psychologist” my new employers sent me to determined.  I can hardly wait for the official report.  Then, I have some “I told you so” calls to make.

I will post more on the new job at a later date, but right now, I have some more co-workers to make miserable.  What are they going to do?  Fire me? (insert evil laugh here)

27 September, 2010

Say Hello to My Furry Friend...

I met him in my garden yesterday.  I don't know what type of caterpillar he/she is and honestly, I don't really care.  I just know that one day, he will turn into a beautiful butterfly...or an ugly moth.  Either way, I can relate.

24 September, 2010

My Life is a Dilbert Comic...

On more than on occasion, I find myself relating to Dilbert.  I'm not sure whether it's the resemblance of his boss to my superiors or just the true to life mentality of our neighborhood cube-dwellers, but he resonates with me.

Happy Friday!!

23 September, 2010

Soul Sucking or Soul Searching - One Should Lead to the Other...

J has been with the same company for 8 years now and has been having some ongoing issues with his boss.  His boss is and always has been a dictator, know it all and over all pain in the ass.  J is very easy-going and usually can let things roll off his back, but lately it’s getting to him and he’s bringing his dark moods home with him.  He’s lost total interest in his hobbies, exercise, etc. and basically sits on the couch, watching television and sighing a lot. *sigh*

I of all people, understand bad times at work.  Hell, I could write a whole book on jack-off bosses and bat shit crazy co-workers.   I’ve been patient, I’ve been supportive.  I’ve even told him to quit, that we will manage, but my patience are failing.  My motto is “get the hell out if you aren’t happy”, so why the hell is he not listening to me?  

J and I are different in that, I embrace change.  He’s a little more reluctant to take chances.   He gets comfortable and likes routine, but it’s that same routine that’s gotten the better of him.  He’s optimistic that it’s just a “phase”.  I hope he’s right…

“Habit and routine have an unbelievable power to waste and destroy.” Henri de Lubac

20 September, 2010

Today Monday is Okay...

For a Monday, I’m feeling pretty good about life.   Don’t be me wrong, I always feel good about life – just not about Mondays.

It was a busy weekend.  

I attended a bead show in Toronto on Saturday.   As boring, as it sounds – it was.  Unfortunately, they are a necessary evil and are a great place to purchase different inventory that can’t be found locally, at low cost.   J was a real trooper and didn’t complain once.   I think he knew that he owed me for all of the times I trudge merrily along with him to the aquarium store and pretend to care about his fish.  Isn’t that what marriage is all about – being miserable together?

After the show, we headed across town to drop off a jacket and broom to The Boy.  Yes, he actually asked us to bring him the broom and dustpan.  Apparently, dust bunnies DO bother him…who knew?

We also took him to lunch, which he was extremely grateful for.  I guess cafeteria grilled cheese or macaroni and cheese do not compare to the slow broiled ribs of Baton Rouge.  Can’t say I’d argue that one.  

During lunch, he informs us that he likes the independence of living on this own.  He was worried about telling us that because he didn’t want us to have hurt feelings.  We assured him, that we miss him, but are happy that he’s happy.  He’s doing well, he’s making friends and most importantly, he’s learning what life is all about.  Yeah!

After lunch, he asks if we can stop at the grocery store for “a few things”.   $90 of my money later, he’s well stocked up on milk, cheese, cereal, cookies, juice and soda.  Apparently his independence isn’t all that important where money is concerned.  It’s good to see somethings never change...

16 September, 2010

Once Again, I'm Honored...

I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that one of my new necklaces had been selected as a "feature photo" by Sea Glass Artists & Sea Glass Collectors website.

 Around The World

This necklace is approximately 18 inches in length and has been created using various pieces of genuine sea-glass, which have been handpicked directly from the sandy, sunny beaches of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Bonaire and El Salvador.

13 September, 2010

I'd Rather Experience a Root Canal...than a Monday...

I don’t know why I bother to bitch about them, but I do.  Mondays seriously blow chunks.

To start my Monday morning off, I had to be at the root canal specialist in London at 7:30 this morning.  London (not in England) is usually approximately 40 minutes from my home, but today it took me 1 hour to get there because of road construction.

I was visiting the specialist because my root canal that I had done in 2007 keeps getting infected, so the dentist decided he better “consult” with a specialist to see what’s going on.  

After making me wait until 8:00, I was escorted into the consultation room where I had to wait for another 15 minutes.  We are now at 8:15.  Seriously, don’t make an appointment for 7:30 if you plan on making the patient wait an additional 45 minutes.  Especially on a Monday morning!!! Grrr…

Dr. Personality paid me a visit fresh out of bed I swear.  He was wearing his scrubs (okay) and effin Crocs (not okay).  I hate Crocs!  I don’t care how comfortable they are.  They look stupid.  Grrr…

So after a few pokes around my sore tooth and one x-ray.  I’m advised that they can’t really tell what’s going on without a further procedure.  So, I have two options – either have it pulled or a further procedure to take a look.  Either option will cost at least another $850 - $1200.  Ten minutes later, I’m out-of-pocket $155.00 for that stupid consultation.

It keeps getting better.  After London, I had to drive to work, which is another hour and 15 minutes away.  On the upside, I’m stopped at McDonald’s for a hash brown (or two) and a BLT bagel.  I needed something to keep me sustained until lunch.

I’m here at work now and I’m not happy about it.  I think I would have preferred another root canal.