16 April, 2015

Domestic Engineering - There Should Be a Medal For That...

My brain is a tangled mess these days.  Honestly, I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.    Somehow however, I manage to stay organized amongst all the chaos – mostly thanks to J.   It’s been almost 2 years since J left his job and since then, he’s become the “man” of the household or as I affectionately call him my “domestic engineer”.   

In an effort to grow our businesses, have more time on weekends, get our life under control and ultimately get ready for our eventual relocation, we made the decision that J would stay home and work on unfinished projects, household chores, business growth, etc.  Let me say this – it was the best decision of our lives (at least in my opinion).   

With my growing responsibilities at work and the hectic pace of life in general, I don’t know how I would have survived and maintained my sanity.  J looks after everything, except finalizing the meals.  He takes care of dishes, laundry, toilet scrubbing, grocery shopping, yard work, etc., etc.  With everything getting done during the weekend, our weekends are free to live life.  

I’m done stressing out about how messy our house is or how empty our fridge is – everything is now in order.  Of course, we’ve had to sacrifice things to make it work financially, but it’s worth every penny, especially when I sleep better at night knowing, the dust bunnies won’t attack me in my sleep…


I agree!

(My official title is Residential Life Manager. ;) )

You gotta watch out for those dust bunnies, they're cunning and sneaky!