Choose To Be Happy...

I say this to myself every…single…morning.  There are days when it works beautifully and then there are days, like yesterday and today when things are not working out as planned.  *sigh*

The days start off on the positive side but then work happens, people happen, reality happens and shit happens.   I’ve always been fairly proud of my ability to shed the toxic people from my life, but today, I may be one of them.  I’m down right cranky.  Shame on me. 

So, with that said, I’m self-imposing solitude by shutting my office door, not answering the phone, keeping off social media and generally not making eye contact with anyone.  I’m choosing to be happy and I’m damn well gonna like it.


*krystyn* said…
I love this!!! You are better than me by even saying that every day...I'm so convinced that saying it doesn't help because of all those nasty external "things" feels like "why bother?" Somedays, I wish I could hole up in my office and shut out the world. Hope you have a happy day!!!
Beatriz said…
Good luck and hope you feel better soon!

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