29 July, 2014

Holding Pattern…

Do you every feel you can’t move forward because your feet seem to have been cemented in place?  Well lately, I feel like most every day.
Work is the biggest culprit – there have been lots of changes, lots of changes to come and until those changes are finalized, my job duties are like a revolving door – constantly changing with the winds.  Don’t get me wrong I like change, but I also would like to have a sense of where I’m going to be long term and by long term, I mean for at least for the next few years. 
We are short-staffed and I’ve been called upon to take on more duties until a replacement can be found.  How can they find a replacement when they aren’t even looking?  It’s been almost 6 months with no end in sight.   I’m not one to shy away from a challenge or hard work, but I also don’t like being treated like the “fix-it” girl – especially when it won’t be recognized in any way shape or form by the “powers that be”.   By the time next year’s review period comes along, they will have conveniently forgotten about all the extra work I’ve done, problems I’ve fixed and money I’ve saved the company.  I don’t expect the world, but a little recognition would be nice.  Crazy talk, I know.
One thing I take great comfort in knowing, they will miss me when I’m gone to the Caribbean…. permanently.  I know everyone is replaceable, but I can guarantee they won’t find another one of me. 
Until then, smiles everyone, smiles! (Can anyone tell me where that line is from?)


Been there, feel your pain.

Oof - I'm feeling that way right now - totally overwhelmed...more job duties this year, 590 students all to myself...ack!! My desk is usually neat and organized...right now it looks like a paper factory blew up.