18 July, 2014

Happy Friday - Random Thoughts...

I’m so happy it’s Friday.  I’ve been working “summer hours” for the past few weeks and it’s great – work an extra hour each day and then leave at noon on Fridays.  If only we could do that year round.

Our friends booked their “one-way” flights to Panama this week.  Yes, they are retiring early!  I’m sooo excited for them – a little jealous too, but mostly excited.  I know our time will come – “patience grasshopper”.

We haven’t been to the beach in a couple of weeks now – mostly thanks to bad weather and prior engagements.  I can honestly say that without those weekly excursions, my “life-balance” isn’t what is should be.  I’m not at all at peace with the world at the moment.

Our annual reviews are upon us here at work and let me say, what a @#%$ waste of time.  Our raises have been predetermined months ago and no matter how stellar my performance has been, I do not have the ability to earn over and above the predetermined about that everyone gets straight across the board.  With that said, no matter how bad I’ve done, that will also not be reflected.  Waste of time…

I’m gearing up for a summer festival in a couple of weeks.  I will be showcasing my jewelry and J will participate with me by including some of his wine bottle creations.  This will be the first outdoor venue for us, so let’s hope the weather holds out.

All in all, life is pretty good at the moment – especially now that it’s Friday!


Well you've been busy :) I know what you mean about the raises. We have a cap here and no matter how hard you work it makes no difference quite honestly. Have a great weekend!

I love those summer hours --- before working in education, I worked for Pepsi (ugh!) and they did that same summer hour schedule. It was great!

i need to get to the beach...ha...i just got back from vacation, but it was the mountains...already planning the next...to the beach...so cool on your friends getting to retire early...one way...now that is an adventure...