Vote For My Friends...Please!

My friends have entered a contest to win an all expense paid vacation for one month to Panama. The contest is sponsored by International Living. These are the same friends that have an early retirement plan in mind for next year. So by voting, you'd be helping them out to get a head start.

They are currently in second place in the voting, so it would be much appreciated (by me and them) if you could go to this link and vote for them. If you have more than one computer in your house - vote on each one of them, smart phone - vote with that too, at work - even better.


Let's help them live the dream....


Simply Suthern said…
Cant vote but from one computer in the same house.
Chrissy Starr said…
Okay, I voted. Will they at least send me a postcard? :-)
A postcard for sure Chrissy! Thanks!!
Beatriz said…
I voted! Hope I wasn't too late!

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