06 April, 2014

April Beach Treasure...

Today was our first walk on the beach for the season in Canada.  We started out with hats and gloves, but by the end of our 4 mile round-trip, we were toastsy (actually sweaty) and the sun was shining brightly.  There is still a lot of ice on the lake and it will likely be there for a few more weeks before the open water reaches the shore, but it was a wonderful, sunny day.  It's been a long, hard winter for sure.

The beachcombing was also fantastic and I was able to collect a few treasures that had been uncovered by the winter winds and receding water.  Here is one photo of a large purple, frosted piece.   Purple is said to one of the rarest of colors, needless to say, I was super-excited to find it.


Is it purple glass or or coral or a stone?

@ Simply Suthern - it's a large piece of purple beach glass.

Love the color! Can't wait until we can walk the beaches, too. Someday...lol

It's beautiful and how fun to be beach-combing...even if that darn ice hasn't melted yet. :)