A Snippet from the Underwater Galapagos...

Well, there's a longer blog post in the making about our recent trip to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.  It is a truly awe-inspiring place to visit, but for now, I present a bit of our underwater experiences.

Here's a little snippet prepared by J - filmed using my GoPro camera (which I should point out - I've never used since buying it over a year ago).  I did get to open the box though.  I think I'll let J keep it - he's pretty good with it.


CrazyCris said…
Oooooh!!! Wow! Fabulous! Swimming amidst that huge school of fish must have been kind of scary! But oh what a wonder to see those sea lions at the end, yay! :o)

Thanks for pointing me this way! I have next to no time available for the internet right now (and probably until June *sob*), so I'm so disconnected from everyone's blogs! :o( I'm happy you thought to mention it on mine where you'd know I'd see the comment for sure! Big HUG!!!

PS: when I DO get the time to browse the web, I'll come exploring 'cause I'm sure you've done lots of progress on your plan "move somewhere warmer asap"! ;o)
Beatriz said…
WOW! That is amazing! Did you get to go onto the islands themselves? That would be amazing to witness! Incredible beauty :)
Beatriz - Thanks! We spent 10 days on the Island of Santa Cruz and we did a couple of tours to some nearby islands. It is an amazing place for sure.
Simply Suthern said…
I wanna grow up to be a sea lion.

I have always enjoyed programs about the Galapagos Islands.


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