Save The Drama...

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed here are my own and are based solely on my life experiences. I will say that I’ve worked with some fantastic women, but recently my bad experiences have outweighed the good.

Can I just say how much I dislike working with women? Yes, I realize I am one; however I’m more of a “tom boy” type of gal.

For the most part, I have great working relationships with my male co-workers. The women – not so much. They are an entirely different story. Don’t get me wrong, I can tolerate them, I just don’t enjoy interacting with them.

My male co-workers for the most part, are minimalistic. You ladies out there might disagree but I find that they don’t need as much babysitting. I can ask them to provide me with information and they don’t whine about it. Guys get shit done.

My female co-workers will do EVERYTHING in their power to avoid taking responsibility for anything. They will not simply respond to an e-mail request. Nooo, they insist of calling to “discuss it” first and then will proceed to whine about it and then, they will tell me how busy their schedules are and how it might be difficult for them to fulfill my request in a timely manner. With at least 10 minutes wasted, they could have easily completed what I asked and saved us both a ton of time and me at least two doses of headache medication.

I hear these same women constantly complain about inequality in the workplace and how life would be so much easier if they had a penis. Ummm, no – life would be so much easier if they would just shut the hell up and do your job. These women are their own worst enemies. If they put as much effort into working hard, they might get a little higher on the corporate ladder or at the very least, they would earn a little more respect at the end of the day.

Another reason why I like my male co-workers – you don’t need to pretend to care how their weekend was, nor do you need to tell them how fabulous their new shirt is or how great their new haircut is. They don’t care. I like that.

There is nothing I hate more than fake, idle chit-chat. If I take the time to ask you how your weekend was and then listen to you for 15 minutes, I expect the same courtesy in return. Don’t ask me how my weekend was and then interrupt me the first chance you get so that you can get to the point of telling me how fantastic your weekend was.

Another thing male co-workers don’t do that I appreciate is that the fact that they don’t size up your wardrobe the minute you walk in the door – your boobs maybe, but not your wardrobe. I like that. Women are bitches that way.

Not once before this job did I have to remove a “knife from my back”. Here, I do it on a daily basis – sometimes multiple times in one day.

Oh well, life goes on – those women will be here WAY after I’m gone. Why? Because I’ve worked hard, kept my mouth shut (for the most part), known when to pick my battles and that’s why I’m going places….far, faraway places.


*krystyn* said…
Oh I SO agree w/you on working w/women thing...holy moly - and I work in a school where 95% of employees are women.

I'm ready to go with you to those faraway places!!
@*krystyn* - I'm going to have a guest room :)
Jacqui said…
Well said, I agree 100%.
Brian Miller said…
you know its so funny....the best bosses i have ever had were women....
Simply Suthern said…
The women I work with get along great until one walks away. Then let the teeth gnashing begin.

Beatriz said…
I agree and disagree, but I have also had to work with men who did the same thing you described. Although not to diss administrative offices, when I worked in an office that happened a lot more often than now that I'm in a lab.
Chrissy said…
Yep. Women are bitches. That's why I'm happily unemployed.
CrazyCris said…
I HATE fake idle chit-chat! I'm so useless at it that in many circles I have been considered anti-social. Ha! Me??? Anti-social?! Not if we're talking about "real" things! :p

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