Random Thoughts - Update Edition...

Well, it’s been almost 3 weeks since the beginning of my poison ivy, oak or sumac outbreak and the itching is finally starting to subside. I only have a few remaining itchy spots – mostly on my neck and hairline. That was without a doubt, the worst experience of my life.  It certainly was not painful, but extremely exhausting both mentally and physically. I honestly thought I was going to lose my mind (more so than usual).
Approximately 1 month ago J and his employers came to a mutual decision to “part ways”. I guess that’s a nice way of saying he is now unemployed. Believe me – we are both extremely happy with this decision. I’m happy because I have a built-in maid, cook and contractor. J’s happy because he is no longer working for morons (unless I count of course). The house to-do list is dwindling and we have come to the realization that if it weren’t for him being able to work away on all the projects now, we would never be ready to sell the house and vacate the country within our original timeframe.  Maybe now, we can go sooner?

Our de-cluttering has not yet started, but I do keep thinking about it - a lot. That should count for something.

A few weeks ago, I participated in a one day art show and sale. It was held in a couple of old renovated barns on a great country property. The location was fabulous and the vibe was great. I’m happy to say, it was the best show I’ve ever done with my jewelry sales at an all time one-day high. It’s re-affirming when people buy my stuff. It provides that boost needed to continue on.

Work has been very busy and challenging as of late and it has been increasingly difficult to “keep my head in the game”. I’m doing everything I can to remain professional and focused because I know 4 years is still a long way off and I still need this job until then, but I can tell you that it makes for a hard time putting up with extended bouts of B-S.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

P.S. The photo is one of J's from Bocas Del Toro, Panama.
Happy Summer Solstice Everyone! 


Simply Suthern said…
Sorry to hear he lost his job but sounds like y'all are making lemonade out of it.

Great news about the art show. Good to see your jewelry business is going well.

It is girls weekend at the beach. They left me alone so I am looking to get into trouble here. It's been so long I have forgotten how.
Brian Miller said…
ack on the job loss but sounds like it is for the good you know....good stuff ont he art show...and here is to hoping that itching stays away....
Jacqui said…
Thank you for the update on the itching because it has reminded me to wear long sleeves when I cut the Leylandi hedge later today. I always suffer with the sap from the cut branches and normally forget until it's too late. What perfect timing for this post.

Well done on the art show, always lovely to know others like your work so much they want to wear it.
Beatriz said…
Sorry to hear about the job but hey at least the jewelry show went well :)

Glad to see you're surviving!

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