Looking for a Home...

Nope, I'm not homeless yet, but this little girl is.

She stumbled into our front yard last evening.  We had just been on the front porch saying goodbye to J's parents when we hear a "mew, mew". We turn to see the source of the noise and there she was...looking for love, attention, food and water.

My conscience would not let me leave her outside.  We live on a busy highway and have lost a few "strays" that we have tried to keep as outdoor cats.  So needless to say, she is living in my laundry room at the moment. 

Although we have one other cat, I don't want another one.  The one we have is The Boy's and although he started out with good intentions, J and I have ended up being the cat's primary caregiver.  Nope not interested. 

I'll endeavour to find a home for it, but I'm not very hopeful - cats and kittens are everywhere and shelters are overrun this time of year. 

In the meantime, I've purchased kitten food and some deworming medicine.  Guess he's getting a bath tonight too - especially if he's going to be staying awhile.


Jacqui said…
Bless. Good on you for keeping her safe. I hope you find a home for her soon.
Simply Suthern said…
Now Aint you sweet.

I think we have just adopted my daughters cat. We feed it more than she does anyway.

So now we have three cats. Surely you can handle two. LOL
Pearl said…
Aww! Nice kitty!

Already have two, and two's my limit. :-)

Beatriz said…
So cute! Would totally take him but usps might object to the air shipping and a little too expensive for my taste.

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