15 April, 2013

There Was a Point, But I Seem to Have Forgotten What it Was…

The hardest part of coming back from vacation is the reality that comes along with it. We’ve been back over a week, but it seems like we have never left. As soon as our feet hit Canadian soil and our phones were switched back on, we were immediately immersed within our old lives and the day to day madness it brings.

How come it takes a week of being on vacation for the stress to leave your body, but it only takes a mere hour or two for all the stress to return?

Household chores, work, family madness, bills and all the responsibilities that go along with everything I just listed seem to loom larger than before we left. I know, I know, I keep telling myself “suck it up buttercup”, but it doesn’t mean I have to stop whining about it.

In a mere 8 months, I’ll have another chance to decompress…maybe. We are taking J’s parents on a trip to Puerto Rico with us. They wanted us to take them back to Hawaii again, but as I told them (thanks to the Rolling Stones)… “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes well you might find, you get what you need”.

On another note, we have finally recommenced the renovations of our spare room. It’s only been close to a year since we started them, but the majority of the drywall is now up. Now, for the mudding and sanding… Good thing our timeline is still a few years off – we might just make it!


Very true how long it takes for stress to leave and how quick it is to return. At least you have good memories from your week away.

Stress is just like pounds...takes forever to lose them, but they come back in the blink of an eye. :(

Know how you feel! Just came back from a weekend getaway and Monday has been disappointing so far. Ugh.

Usually there is that after glow of "nothing can bother me today" after a vacation. But I think yours was more of a working vacation, thinking about the future. Still, there are good memories.

Cheer up! Spring is here and summer just around the bend... should make waiting for the next trip easier to bear! ;o)