Take a Trip, Clear Your Mind...

After a couple of years of wandering aimlessly through a couple of different college programs, The Boy has decided to take a year off from his search of post-secondary knowledge. In hindsight, J and I should have encouraged him to do this sooner, as it would have save a lot of time, money and frustration by everyone involved, but as parents, you want your children to succeed, have more and do more than you personally.

During my generation, we finished high school knowing we were lucky to be heading off for college because many of our parents didn’t have that ability. They simply finished high school and entered the work force, got married, started a family, etc. A post-secondary education wasn’t expected from them, or in some cases it wasn’t even an option.

In this day and age, we expect our children to be destined for greatness and when greatness doesn’t come exactly how and when we expect it – on our terms and schedule, we become overly concerned that there is something fundamentally wrong with our children or we begin to second guess our parenting ability.

Having experience those exact misgivings, we’ve taken a step back and reevaluated what’s important. The Boy’s happiness is our # 1 priority. God knows, we don’t want him to pick a career path for the sake of shutting us up and be miserable for the rest of his life, which in turn will make him resent us.

On the other hand, he’s not going to be lollygagging about doing nothing but playing video games for the next year. J and I expect him to be a contributing member of society and with that will come a job - eventually.

But before the job, he’s gone off on a little adventure – to Ireland. He’s been saving for a couple of years for this one and is paying for it himself, so I wasn’t about to nag about the need to get a job over the need to travel. That would be downright hypocritical because we all know I would easily pick travel over a job.

So, with that said – he packed his bag, jumped on a plane and off he went to tour Ireland. He’s been gone since last Saturday and will be back this coming Saturday. It certainly isn’t a backpack across Europe kind of trip, but this is something that’s definitely out of his comfort zone.

I’m hoping somehow he’ll become inspired by his adventure and with that inspiration will come clarity - clarity on what he wants to be when he grows up or maybe he’ll choose the lifestyle I’ve always wanted for myself – beach bum extraordinaire.

Only time will tell how this adventure will impact his future and until then, we wait.


Love the pic! Hope the Boy has fun!

Wish my parents had been so supportive. Mind you I've stumbled into something I enjoy but I could have benefited from some time off. Especially the clarity.
Brian Miller said…
wow i would love to go to ireland....and good on you for backing off...but also having expectations as well...that is def important...
Rachel said…
I'm jealous of The Boy. I wish I had taken a trip/time off before heading straight to college and work. You and J are awesome parents!
Jacqui said…
He'll enjoy the laid back charm of the Irish and checking out the local ales. At least it's only a couple of weeks. My nephew gave up a job & sold his car to fund 12 months in Australia. My sister-in-law has struggled to cope with him being away so long but she is almost through it. He's back in January.
*krystyn* said…
I can TOTALLY understand your thoughts from a parenting perspective -wanting him to go straight to college etc...I feel that way now for E and have many years 'til we even get to that place...who knows what will happen by then.

I hope the boy has an AWESOME time!! Good for him for going outside his comfort zone AND for saving long term to pay for his trip!! Both great accomplishments!!

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