A Top Ten List…

It’s Thursday and I’m beside myself with excitement. Why? Well, The Boy is finishing up with his last exam for the school year, which means:

The Top 10 Things that excite me about The Boy being done school for the summer…

10. No more early mornings.

9. No more late nights.

8. No more having to hear how “STUPID” his professors are.

7. No more cranky people in my car, except me.

6. No more trash in my car that is not mine.

5. Once again, I’ll be able to listen to whatever music I choose.

4. Once again, I’ll be able to sing off key to said music.

3. No more having to hear his ringtone for text notifications.

2. No more stops alongside the road because The Boy downed a whole bottle of Gatorade and cannot possibly wait until we get home.

And the #1 thing that excites me about The Boy being done school for the summer…

1.My car will no longer smell like “boy” (aka stinky sneakers and stale farts).

PLEASE NOTE: I love him to death, I just need a little time to make my heart grow fonder.


Brian Miller said…
ha...congrats to you...a few of these i think you may be fooling yourself on a bit...out of school meaning no more late nights seems like and oxymoron...smiles.
@ Brian - Noooo, I'm not fooling myself. No more late nights for ME at work while I wait for him to finish classes.
R. Jacob said…
Are you sure that wasn't my car?
LOL! Sounds like the making of a good weekend!
Simply Suthern said…
The only thing we love more about our college girl coming home is hearing that she got back to school safely.
CrazyCris said…
Excellent top ten! I'm laughing out loud! :o)

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