Just Jewelry...

Sorry, but things have been too busy with my "back-up" plan to write about anything else, so I'm going to bore you with some of my latest Flamingo Tongue Design creations.

Ripples - Agate Necklace

Sunrise Surprise - Sediment Sea Jasper

Rebecca (this one was made for my niece - to wear with her wedding gown)

And a couple of purchases from the Philippines, which I plan on reselling on my website.  Don't worry, I will disclose that they aren't my creations.

Primary Colors - Bracelet

Ahh, Nuts - Bracelet (natural color of the nuts)

Spiral Shell Bracelet


Brian Miller said…
nice...love the ripples one...and ah nuts...and the spiral shells...these are very nice...
CrazyCris said…
that spiral shell bracelet... WOW!
they're all gorgeous! :o)

I promise one of these days I will remember your site far enough in advance of someone's birthday and order something! (I'm usually very disorgansied and a last-minute shopper... oops!) :p

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