31 March, 2011

Got a plan? No, me neither…

For years, I’ve never really been bothered by my slight weight gain.  I figured that a few pounds over the course of the year can’t be all that bad.  What I failed to take into account was that a few pounds multiplied by a few years equals “a helluva lot of weight gain”.   I know.  I’m a mathematical genius…
I’m also plagued by hypothyroidism, which causes weight gain for no particular reason, even when medicated properly.  Couple that with the fact that I hate vegetables and ridiculous amounts of exercise…I’m doomed. 
According to the National Institute of Health, I’m bordering between overweight and obese.  Obese?  I hate that word, but it’s true.    My “healthy” weight should be within the range of 101 to 136 lbs.  Holy hell – that’s a long way from where I am.
How in the world am I going to get there?  I’m not quite sure, but somehow I need too.
What’s changed?  Why the sudden need for weight loss?  Well, it’s simple – I’m not comfortable with my physical self.   I’m at the far end of the “average” size limit for clothes – next stop “plus” sizes.  I don’t like the look of my butt in the mirror (yes, I check it often).  I don’t like the fact that my thighs rub together when I walk (swish, swish, swish) and I’m worried I might spontaneously combust if I move too quickly.    All sad, but true…
I don’t expect miracles overnight, but I do expect that in a year from now and in time for my Philippines trip, I will have reached my “healthy” weight.   That’s 2.5 lbs per month.   I’m being realistic, it has to be “slow and steady” or otherwise, I might combust.

29 March, 2011

Random Monday Thoughts...On a Tuesday...

I haven’t felt like I’ve had any time to myself in a very long time.   My brain is mush.  I don’t know what the hell is going on in my life or where I’m at within it.   I’m actually thinking about taking a *cough* sick day (or two) just to stay at home and catch up on some “me” time.  I miss me.
I usually try to save my sick days for June or July (when the weather is warm, the sun is shining, the beer is cold and my deck chairs are clear of snow), but I’m getting desperate for some solitude.  Really, really desperate.
Over the past couple of weeks, my jewelry business has been picking up steam again and I’ve actually just received an order for a wedding in June.   Yay me.  Problem is – I have no motivation to get moving on it.  Hence, another great reason for a “me” day.
The Boy was home for a quick visit on the weekend.  He was actually home for a summer job interview with the water department of a local town.  Fingers crossed that he gets it.  He desperately needs a good summer job and those are very scarce in our area.
When I asked The Boy how the interview went.  His reply was:
 “I’m not going to lie, I’m totally not qualified for it.  I’d much rather be working in the cemetery maintenance department.  No one’s going to bother me there.”   
He’s so much like me – it’s scary…
Speaking of cemeteries - I saw the creepiest thing on my way home a couple of weeks ago when I was driving by an old country cemetery in the middle of nowhere.  I see small flickering lights in the cemetery and my first thought was someone was in the cemetery with a flashlight.  Out of morbid curiosity, I slow down to get a closer look and then I realize they were those damn solar lights.  A number of graves were adorned with solar lights.   I’m guessing those same graves were also decorated with lawn gnomes and plastic flowers.   What the hell the solar lights were for, I do not know.  BUT, I do know that it creeped me out.  

I hate it when I ask someone (J) to look up one small thing on his computer and the time I spent explaining it to him and listening to him complain that he couldn't find it - I could have done it myself.  Grrr...

28 March, 2011

Weekend Recap...

Where the hell did it go? What the heck did I do? I don't recall, so it was either a really, really good time or I'm blocking something horrible. Now it's Monday and we're back at it. Whatever "it" is...

23 March, 2011

Settle In…I’m Going to Start Complaining…

Well, I’ve been at my new place of employment for 4 months now.  
For the most part, I like the people I work with.  They are slightly boring, in comparison to the people I’m used to working with and there are a couple of people with “issues”; but what place doesn’t have “those” ones right?.   Variety is supposed to be the spice of life, so I guess, I’ll just deal with it.
I also enjoy the work I’m doing – mostly.  There are always those tasks that I’d rather not have to do and usually put off until the last possible moment, but once again – I deal with it.
The pay is good – no complaints in that department.  Benefits are good too.
So on the surface, it sounds like the perfect position and I really have no reason to complain, but alas, I’m going to anyway.
I know what needs to be done.  I know how to go about getting the job done.  I know how to make things run more efficiently.   My boss does not understand the concept of efficient.
My boss is high-strung and super anal retentive, but I’ll say this – he’s super duper smart – probably almost a genius.  I’ve worked with him in a previous life, so I knew what I was getting myself into before I took the position or so I thought.   What I failed to realize was how his anal retentiveness creates stumbling blocks on everything he does for himself, myself and others that are waiting on him. 
He over analyzes absolutely everything.  He fails to recognize the big picture and what needs to get done in a realistic timeframe.  Instead he focuses on what could possibly go wrong in “an end of the earth, doomsday scenario”.  It’s just not practical. 
It takes months to negotiate agreements that should only take weeks.   Things that could be done within hours, has taken him weeks to complete.  A simple yes or no, is not in his vocabulary.  With every question ask, you get 5 in return.  It’s frustrating.
It’s good to minimize risks, but what he fails to recognize is that by taking so long to finish things, our department is being left out of a lot of important decision making discussions because we are perceived as a roadblock to successful project completion.  They are right.
Instead of minimizing risks, we are creating others that my boss isn’t even aware of because people leave our department out of anything that is slightly time sensitive.  I can’t bring these issues to his attention, or else he’ll never get anything done and neither will I.   So instead I wait, and wait, and pester and wait…and pester somemore...
I’m not good at waiting.  I need action…and fast.

21 March, 2011

Sure Sign Spring is Near?

Canada Goose Shit on the Sidewalks – Canadian Geese are simple vermin in the eyes of Canadians.

We are overrun by them.  Thanks to global warming, they no longer “fly south”.  Nope, instead they prefer to save their energy and hang around during the winter and breed.   As soon as the weather warms slightly, they seem to appear and are everywhere.   Thanks to urban sprawl, geese have moved into many city neighborhoods.  They choose to nest in the oddest spots – including the shrubbery surrounding the building where I work. 
If you haven’t had the pleasure of a run in with a Canada Goose, let me say this - they are mean-spirited and nasty and love to attack the unsuspecting.  Oh, and they are indiscriminate poop machines.    When the hissing and honking starts, you better start running or swinging or both.  I’ve seen them dent car doors and break car mirrors.  I prefer the cursing, purse swinging, leg kicking, high karate moves myself. 
Yup, goose poop on the sidewalks usually means Spring is just around the corner.   Not only do you have to watch where you step, but you also need to watch what’s lurking in the bushes.   Soon, I’m putting in for hazard pay.

What's your sure sign of Spring?

17 March, 2011

Doom and Gloom. Anxiety Setting In Yet?

With so much doom, gloom and tragedy in the world at the moment, how do you manage to keep a positive outlook on the future?
A.      Do you hide under a rock?
B.      Do you put on those rose colored glass and pretend the world is not falling apart around you?
C.      Do you turn off all forms of communication to avoid being inundated with media reports?
D.      Do you figure “What the hell?  It can’t get any worse?”
Right now, I’m leaning towards item A.   It’s kind of like a game of rock, paper scissors.  If I’m already hiding under the rock, how much damage could it possibly do?

15 March, 2011

Back From The Beach...

Well folks, I've returned from holidays...my apologies...

All that's left are the memories.  Here are a few photos, which I should point out were actually taken by me.  I bought my own camera, so as not to have to rely on J to share his.

08 March, 2011

New Template For Now...

It appears that my previous template has become corrupt, so I've had to switch templates.  Rest assured it will change again once I'm back from vacation - this one is just a quick fix, so please no comments about how fugly it is...

Til then...

04 March, 2011

On The Bright Side of March...

In a desperate attempt to put the winter blahs behind me, I trying to look on the bright side of things and this is my attempt of looking for the positives in the month of March (in no particular order).

  • St. Patrick’s Day – What’s not to love about a day where you can drink green beer and kiss Irish people?

  • My Birthday – Also another day you can drink beer and kiss Irish people.

  • Mardis Gras -  Do you sense a pattern?  Another day to drink beer, but this time I don’t think you’re limited to just kissing the Irish.

  • Spring – The first day of Spring officially arrives – enough said.  No wait – WHOO HOOO!!!

  • Daylight Savings Time – More daylight!  Yeah!!!

  • Three Pay Checks – Bi-weekly pay periods are fantastic when you are blessed with three of them in one month.   What to buy? What bill to pay?

  • March Madness – I don’t really follow basketball any other time of year, but I am part of a “pool”, so I tend to pay a little more attention to what’s going on in March.

  • International Women’s Day – I’m actually attending a gala breakfast in recognition of this day.  I committed to going before I knew it started at 7:00 a.m. and will have to get up by 5:00 to make it on time.  Next time…I’ll ask for the details first.

  • Last but not least…a vacation.   Yes, I’m taking another vacation (next week).  I know, I know - that's all I do.  This one I can thank my income tax refund and the weekend hours I worked for my previous company, to be able to book a getaway.   Thank goodness for small miracles.  After this one – there will be no more vacations in my near future.  I need to get saving for “Philippines 2012 – Epic Dive Adventure 3.0”.

What’s on your bright side of March?

02 March, 2011

Facebook… The Pickle Theme…

The jury is still out as to whether I find Facebook to be a useful tool.  Sometimes I want to gouge my eyes out and defriend everyone on my list (mostly blood relatives) because I’m inundated with crap about their lives.  There are other times when I find Facebook to be a great tool for sharing and inspiration.   Yesterday was one of those days…

Various comments and status updates that brought joy to my life…

In response to my status update of: 

“The sun is shining. All is right with the world – at least my world”.  

A good male friend (who dislikes cats – therein lies the humor) wrote: 

"Good for you, my morning started with cleaning out the refrigerator after the dill pickle container spilled through the night, only to be followed by Ewok (his wife’s cat) puking her guts out and then crapping all over the kitchen floor. I need a vacation!” 

The following status update that made me laugh out loud and comes from a newly added “friend” (via our blogs)…you know who you are… 

“My inner cheerleading squad ran off to join a cult.  Now they cheer for His Holiness the Immaculate Saint of Little Pickles.” 

And last, but not least…my son’s Facebook account (who is not a "friend, but that I creep)…

Yep, for the time being I heart FB...and pickles.

01 March, 2011

Random Enough For You?

That's all I've got...

Happy Tuesday!