Always Wear Clean Underwear and Drink Plenty of Fluids….

The Boy goes back to school in a couple of days.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it in the past, but he’s decided on another course change for the upcoming school year.  As a matter of fact, he’s decided on an entirely different approach.  This year he plans on living at home and attending college in the same city as where I work, so he will be able to commute with me.  The benefit of this is that, he’ll save a ton of money on housing and I’ll be able to ensure he’s getting the support he needs to make this year count (read…I’ll be nagging him so bad, he won’t have any other choice than to get his shit together).
This year, he’s decided on Culinary Management, which is a fancy way of saying Chef Training as his program of choice and so far he seems committed to it.  He’s even gone so far as getting a second job at local catering company/deli/butcher shop in order to gain some hands-on experience in the culinary field.  It’s only been 6 weeks, but so far NO complaints have been heard (even with the 12 hour weekend shifts).   I might be overly optimistic, but maybe a summer can really make a difference in the maturity level of a boy.  Fingers crossed.
I may have spoken too soon about the maturity thing.  Last Sunday night, we wound up in emergency room because The Boy was experiencing an extreme rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, pain in his lower back and excessive body shakes.   His diagnosis – dehydration.   Even though he is now legally able to drink and drive a car…his mommy obviously needs to remind him to drink plenty of water every day.   He’s slowly starting to feel better, but I’m shocked at how much the dehydration took out of him.   Silly Boy…he took about 5 years off my life.
The Boy’s only observation from his hospital visit.  “They really need to do something about their ceilings – they were an ugly color and terrifyingly dingy.”
I need a vacation…or some valium…either will do nicely.


Brian Miller said…
smiles. glad he is doing ok...went through dehydration a couple years back...not a lot of fun...and best wishes on the culinary management...just watch out for gordon ramsey...
R. Jacob said…
Another parental scare. I am glad he is going to be okay.
Simply Suthern said…
Last year we got a call they took our daughter to the Hospital during exams. Seems she had a panic attack fueled by 5 hour energy drinks to stay up for studying.

We were thankful thats all it was. Hopefully she has learned.
Jacqui said…
He'll always be your little boy and he'll always need his mommie to tell him what to do.

Glad he's ok, I can imagine it was quite a scare at the time.
CrazyCris said…
“They really need to do something about their ceilings – they were an ugly color and terrifyingly dingy.”

At least he knows what's important! ;o)

Glad to hear you both made it through the scare ok.

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