Random Thoughts - A Day Early...or a Week Late...

It’s January and just when you thought it couldn’t get any more depressing, let me say this - it’s a mere 11 more months until Christmas.  Feel better?
We are in the deep freeze at the moment.  Yesterday morning, I woke up to it being minus 27 Celsius or in Fahrenheit that would be….um….somewhere around friggin chilly.  

Speaking of chilly… J got frostbite on his cheeks (not his ass ones) when he was snow blowing the driveway on the weekend.  He was out for only an hour, but the wind was nasty and hence the only exposed flesh got it.   He’s not disfigured or anything, so no pictures.

It was our nephew’s birthday party on the weekend.  It was at the local bowling alley.  One would think bowling would keep 7 year old boys entertained – apparently not.  Playing hide and seek in plain sight was much more entertaining.  Sometimes, juvenile boys are just dumb…

Speaking of dumb, my sister-in-law did think it was necessary to provide the adult guests with beverages, enough food or any forks for the birthday cake.   This is the second year in a row that forks were not provided.   Don’t even get me started on the food or beverage issue.  Next year, I’m too busy to attend. 

I should mention however that the sister-in-law did think it was a fantastic idea to stock the birthday goodie bags with whistles and mini rubber balls.   Let me say this - seven boys with rubber balls, whistles and birthday cake icing everywhere do not combine well with the bowling lanes.  Never mind being busy next year – we won’t be welcomed back to the bowling alley.  I’m sure of it…thank God.
What the hell is wrong with the formatting on Blogger?  I can't seem to fix the spaces in between my paragraphs. *sigh*


JennAventures said…
I hate the spacing issue on blogger...
Brian Miller said…
rubber balls and whistles...i want some...who needs forks when you got fingers....blogger is biting it recently
Chrissy said…
I don't think there's anything wrong with the spacing. It must just be you. :-)

You don't need no stinkin' fork to eat cake. Although, it would probably have come in handy to stab your sister-in-law in the eye.
K13 said…
Ugh...Blogger is such a pain lately...I'm not a fan of the new changes they made recently either. I've had spacing issues as well. I'd switch to Typepad if I didn't have so much "history" on Blogger...I dunno...maybe I can transfer everything over..have to look into that.

Thanks for the comment on my blog yesterday...sucks that I may have to plan my own 40th celebration...I may just take the whole flippin day to myself and go somewhere alone...that would be the MOST enjoyable. Sad.

The boys party sounds like um, a lot of fun. LOL!!! I expect I'll have some similar stories in the coming years.

Stay warm!!!
Sarah said…
Man - the 11 months until next Christmas thing does depress me! Christmas is my fav and we didn't get to decorate at all this year due to relocating and I usually have two trees! Can't wait for this year!

The nice weather here makes it hard to hate winter though. Denver has pretty mild winters overall and I love it!

That birthday party sounded....fun? Haha. I don't get why people bother if they can't plan well or do something that makes sense. Maybe I am too much of a planner but I freak out if I forget anything!

I've had issues with blogger too! Most recently, I couldn't copy and paste within my new posts. Ugh. Oh well.

Happy Tuesday!
Simply Suthern said…
We had a bowling party for Little A. I was livid when I left due to her 2 boy cousins with parents that set zero boundries. grrrrr!! I dont go to their house anymore. The wife doesnt even ask. LOL

You have to blog to have issues with blogger and I ran out of original stuff a while back. I had an idea the other day but sneezed and forgot it. It mustve been really good huh??

Stay Warm.
Raven said…
Blogger can be a real pain sometimes.

Kids' birthday parties suck. I hated having to give my kids parties when they were young. Ten screaming little girls hopped up on sugar was not my idea of a good time.
Jacqui said…
I feel in future if we plan a trip to the bowling alley I should ring ahead and check there are no birthday parties happening - the thought of 7 year olds running wild sends shivers down my spine.

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