17 January, 2011

Do You Have Any Secrets?

Do you have something that you’ve kept to yourself and haven’t told anyone?  Not even your best friend or significant other?
I believe we all have at least one secret that only we know.   Perhaps it’s something innocent you did as a child or it may even be a secret of some reckless past deed that was performed as a minor and the court records have been sealed.   Intrigued?  Just saying – everyone has one.  I’d bet on it…
I have a couple.  I’ve kept them hidden away and not bothered to share them with anyone.  It’s not because I’m ashamed.  I just don’t believe you need to share everything.  Some things are better left a fond memory, some things are better left unsaid, un-shared.  

Do you believe in secrecy? Are you a private person or is your life an open book?   Do you tweet or update your Facebook status every hour?  Why?  Is it really necessary?  Are you looking for acceptance and attention?  For some it seems that way.  Me?  I prefer to keep some mystery surrounding who I am, what I’m feeling and what I know.  
Where am I going with this?  I don’t know…just thought it needed to be said…


First of all my blog is a secret to anyone I know. At least I think so. I aint told.

I also have a couple pretty significant secrets that I keep to myself. Sometimes I wish I could but they are mine to bear and sharing them would not make anything better for anyone.

Secrets we have are I think best left untold.

Yes yes and yes! I believe some things are better left unsaid and I do have a few secrets but none that I have told no one. Some I have not told my parents, one I haven't told my husband (ok two) and one I haven't told my best friend. All different secrets! :)I think it is good to be an open book with your spouse with just about everything but there are a few things he doesn't know and I think it is better that way. Also, I feel like God knows everything so there isn't a secret that no one knows - and that could be a good thing or a bad thing! Haha. :) Nice post!

People think I'm an open book because I share so much on my blog. But yes, I do hold back a little. I do have secrets.

I think anyone who says they don't have secrets are complete liars.